Health Freak Mommy: Our Sunday - 13 Jan 2013


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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Sunday - 13 Jan 2013

The girls attended a birthday party of a friend's 2YO grand-daughter today. The theme of the birthday party was Mickey Mouse. There was a very pretty Mickey Mouse fondant cake, lots of Mickey balloons, Mickey party favors and even a Mickey mascot.  The girls had a whale of a time at the party, albeit Cass was initially terrified of the real life Mickey who could walk lol! She dared not go anywhere near where Mickey was and was tugging at my dress all the time.  But after a warming up session with Mickey, she overcame her phobia and was soon shaking hand with Mickey and posing to have her pix taken with Mickey!

I wish you've had a fabulous Sunday as well :)
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