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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Those Carefree Days

I often wonder how and when I started to metamorphose into a clean freak. When I was younger, I was totally unperturbed by dirt. I could close both my eyes and use a bathroom that was not washed for over a week. I loved camping in the wilderness and did not mind that I had to sleep on dirty tents with my deuter backpacks as pillow. I did not mind digging holes to answer the call of nature in the jungle and I even bathed in rivers and streams and drank water from the stream. Those were my carefree days which I so miss.

1 comment:

Chris said...

It was the reverse for me....was soo finicky with cleanliness with the 1st kid, second one came along...mehhh! If the diaper is dry and tummy is full, nothing else matters. Also, studies have shown that farm kids have a lower incidence of ear infections than city kids. So, I am much less hyper abt being clean. I don't even bother with anything bacterial...such a ripoff and overkill. Best prevention is soap and water and diligent handwashing. All this antibacterial stuff actually lowers your resistance. And I take the kids camping and we certainly 'rough it'!

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