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Friday, February 1, 2013

HFM's Angels

My 3 angels, cute and playful as they may be... but they can behave so monstrous that I can feel 10 years of my life snatched from  me when they are, well behaving like monsters and not normal kids! I am tired of using the cane and shouting. So I just have to shut off both my ears and eyes to their mischief and nonsense at times when I am too busy. For busy WFHMs with no live-in helper, you will know what I mean.  I just let them be. Afterall they are kids and they are only kids once and before I even realize it, they are already teenagers. And then they will all be somewhere else and the noisy, mad house will then be so quiet that I wish I could turn back the clock. 

Sometimes when they make me feel like walking out of the home, I ask  God why he has given me such misbehaved kids and then suddenly I will come to my senses.  All of a sudden, I remember the year 2002 and 2003, the 2 years where my life was in a roller coaster ride... all because I wanted to have a baby. My hubs would always use that dark time that we went through to remind me to be thankful for them. And then I thank God for these 3 monsters and ask forgiveness from God for all the harsh words and thoughts I had on them.

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