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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our 4th Day Of The Year of the Snake

It's been a pretty quiet day for us to rest at home. I gave the kids some work to do from their workbooks. Alycia will be sitting for her first semester test in 2 weeks, while rascal #2 has been doing nothing but having her eyes glued to all the idiot boxes, so I needed to work her brain before it goes into hibernating mode. It ain't easy to jump-start her brain, so it is wiser to keep it working efficiently everyday.

When Alycia and Sherilyn were doing their workbooks, I took a cat nap on my OTO mobile massage chair. Was having such a nice and comfy nap with mouth wide opened when I heard a loud thud. It sounded like someone fell. My reflex action sent me off the chair instantly, with my  heart almost dropping out. Cass had fallen down from dunno where but thank God she wasn't crying. No crying always means nothing serious and nothing broken. I quickly checked on the girl and she had quite a long stretch of her skin lightly grazed off on her hand. She was in pain but managed to suppress her fear and pain. This tough cookie is indeed tough as ever since her traumatic baby days.  I would have screamed out in pain if I fell and have such a long stretch of my skin grazed out from my hand!

Tonight we'll be having a reunion family with the Yap family at a seafood restaurant. It's going to be another round of rich food and yee sang tossing. Shall continue hard with my workout tomorrow morning. I have the luxury to exercise everyday without fail ever since the mil came back from Hong Kong, bliss! :)
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