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Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally, The Big 40 Rolled In!

My 'big' day came and went like a gust of wind. So....... (loooong sigh), I am officially 40 years old now, boo hoo hooo....
I do miss being in my 20s and 30s and I wonder how the 40s journey is going to turn out. I pray to God that it is going to be a smooth ride with an awesome specatacle and terrain ahead. Most importantly, I pray for good health to be bestowed on my kids, my loved ones and myself.

Hubs has been asking me since yesterday where I'd like to have lunch today but I could not think of a place that I really like.  Being the practical person that I am, I chose Delicious @ Bangsar Village, mainly because I was really craving for the gado-gado (which is a healthy yet delicious dish) from Delicious and later could  could walk across the sky bridge to Cold Storage to get the groceries that I wanted, lol!

While waiting for the food to arrive, the ever I-don't-like-to-do-nothing Cass asked me for Math sums and sukukata. Later, she played one-two-jus with daddy.


My favorite gado-gado. Love the sweet and spicy peanut sauce to bits! This is an Indonesian salad dish. The best gado-gado dish has to be from the award-winning Dancing Fish Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. I shall blog about our dinner at this restaurant later.

Hubby's sirloin steak...

Mushroom soup and pumpkin soup, which were deliciously thick, rich and lipsmacking!

There was also a green curry set which the mil ordered and 2 kids' meals but darn my mobile phone as I am unable to transfer the pix from my phone to my gmail or Facebook despite umpteen attempts.

My rose shaped green tea pistachio birthday cake from Les Deux Garcons. The 'rose petals' are long wedges of white chocolate wrapped round the cake.

The pet of the family getting a kiss from daddy dearest...

HFM's 3 angels. What could make me happier on my birthday than to celebrate it with my angels and loved ones.

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