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Friday, March 1, 2013

Rushing Mad Life

I chuckled to myself when I read Mumsgather's post on Rushed. today. The more I read the lines of  MG's post, the more I see that both of us are so similar in this area, i.e. being rushed. But I think I am rushed even more -- by the Royal Highness (AARGH!!) and by his 3 princesses, esp. the eldest princess.  Each time we go out, I feel the STRESS and I have told the hubs about this and have demanded that he stops rushing me if he is not helping out!

Ever since our live-in maid went back for good, I feel even more rushed as I now have to do what kakak was doing, on top of my already tight schedule.  I laughed the hardest when MG described that she has to step into her half worn shoes while locking the door before tip toeing to her car with her half worn shoes like a mad lady.  That's because I do similar time-saving things like walking simultaneously while wearing my jogging shoes. Besides my pair of jogging shoes, I only buy slip on shoes and sandals, so that I can slip my feet into the shoes, in just a matter of a second. I have absolutely no time to wear gladiator shoes or shoes that have hard to meddle with buckles, straps, ribbons and what nots, though I itch to wear these kind of  glitzy Lady Gaga shoes sometimes.

Besides having to juggle wearing my shoes while I walk, I also wear my clothes and undies while I am rushing, to save time LOL! But I can only do that provided no one else is in the house, apart from the hubs and the kids. And I tie my hair when I am in the elevator, without a mirror.. What else do I do to save just a few minutes?  Oh yea, I sometimes write my blog posts on my mobile phone while waiting for my girls. And I steal a forty winks while I am in the car, so that I have the battery to last me till midnight to accomplish all that I have to do for the day. 

As I am typing this post, I am also rushed to complete it for I have to clear the messy after-lunch dining table before the Mandarin tutor comes, dump the dirty laundry into the washing machine and rush off several invoices to my customers. What a rushed life I have and I wonder when I can have a more relaxed life.
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