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Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Dinner - 30 August 2013

This was our dinner yesterday. It was the first dinner that I cooked after the MIL's departure to Hong Kong.

From top, clockwise : egg omelette with herbs, baby bok choy, organic 'yeh fah heong' flower veggie and steam minced pork with prawns, sesame seed oil and chopped watercress veggie.

Yesterday, I drew up a 4-day menu. I used to draw up a 7-day and sometimes 14-day menu in the past but since I do not have much time to cover for 7 days, I had to settle with a 3 or 4-day menu now.  I like to have a drawn up menu so that I can stick to it without having to stress myself up everyday on what to cook. It is easier and faster to do grocery shopping too.

For the 2 veggie dishes, I drizzled some Goma sauce on them, tossed in some chopped spring onions (my kids and I love spring onions) and cut up strips of olive-flavored seaweed. I still have 3 packets of  seaweed that my mum bought from Korea recently. Since the seaweeds are near the expiration date, I am now using them in almost all my dishes. The good thing is that my girls and I all love seaweed!

We are having lasagne for lunch today. For dinner, I will be stir-frying organic cabbage with minced meat and reheating the stewed pork dish (frozen now) that the MIL mass-cooked for us just before she left.

We will be having a short getaway at one of the 5-star hotels in KL from tomorrow through Sunday. That is our yearly retreat at this hotel and our stay has always been on this particular date as the hubs would normally only utilize his complimentary hotel room voucher at the eleventh hour before its expiration date *roll eyes*!!

Happy weekend friends! :)

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