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Monday, October 14, 2013

Beating Exam Blues

When it comes to revising for exams, Alycia can act like a small kid who needs loads of sweet talks, loads of rewards, loads of praises and tons of laughter to get her going. Yesterday, after Alycia and Sherilyn wasted half a day doing nothing, I managed to warm them up into doing revision by first having a quiz in BM and English. The winner shall share a Magnum almond ice cream with me. I knew that Alycia would win the quiz, so here she is, enjoying her Magnum ice-cream while working on her English workbook.

After the ice cream, this girl obediently finished off all that the work that I had set for her. Before I attempted to ask her to do more workbooks, I goofed around with the girls to crack them up. One incident got us all rolling on the floor laughing. I got Alycia to try on one of my super tight bra spaghetti strap tops. The bra top fitted her so well and she looked like a teenager with 'boops' and all LOL!! I joked that if any of her friends or relatives saw her in the bra top, their eye balls would pop out from their eye sockets seeing her morphed into a teenager overnight. All of us rolled on the floor laughing till our tummies ached.

It is not easy to get my girls to obediently do revision for their exam on their own.They do not have the zeal and drive to do it on their own yet. Well, I can't blame them as their daddy and mummy were not overzealous scorers in school either ;:P

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