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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Deep Freezing Uncooked Dishes For Future Meals In A Jiffy!

My girls and I love steamed pork.  Recently, I have figured a way to prepare delish steamed pork dishes in a jiffy. All I have to do is to spend some time on a day when I have free time to prepare the ingredients in the kitchen, store the raw steamed pork nicely and deep freeze them. On days when I ain't in a mood to cook but the girls want yummy and hot dishes to go with rice, I can easily remove this from the freezer, defrost it and steam it.

Here's what I now do...

1) Buy minced pork from the butcher. You can buy half-lean-half- fat meat and chop them yourself. I don't have the time, so I buy readily minced pork.

2) Here, I have minced pork with watercress veggie and prawns. Just chop up the watercress and prawns and mix them well with the pork. Add sesame seed oil, pepper and a little sea salt.

3) Then distribute the pork mixture into several stainless steel plates and bowls.  These will be ready to be steamed when I want to cook it.  I oiled the plates with some sesame seed oil too, so that the meat won't stick to the plate.

4) Next, I will place the plate of raw minced pork into an airtight container and store it in the freezer.

5) On the day when I plan to steam the minced pork, I will defrost a container in the morning. When the kids are almost back from school, I will then steam the minced pork.  In the pot where I steam this, I will put a couple of eggs so that the eggs can 'tumpang' to be cooked.  Thus, my girls will have a complete and well-balanced meal consisting of meat, veggie and eggs :D

How many of you do this? I am always trying to figure out how to dish out delish and hot meals for my girls, thus I came up with this idea.   Maybe you have already been doing this for aeons. But if you have not, do try this out. Your kids and family can have freshly steamed dishes on days when you are too busy to cook or just feel like doing nothing but warm your butt on the couch :D
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