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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vomiting, High Fever and Hallucination... Continuation From Previous Post

Continuation from this post.

In the midst of all the puking, retching and burning fever, Sherilyn was very weak as she could not hold down any food or water. She appeared to be in a daze and had hallucination!  After I forced her out from her sleep in the afternoon, I asked her if she felt like vomiting. She stared at me in a daze. I pulled her up from the couch and wanted to bring her to the kitchen to get a few sips of plain water.  But she held on to my hand, played with the bracelet on my hand and kept saying "it's final" while smiling like a lunatic.  I was shocked to hear that but knew that it was hallucination caused by the high fever and incessant vomiting. Alycia has had hallucinations when she was a 3YO toddler with high fever.   For about 3 minutes, I tried to 'pull'  Sherilyn out from the hallucination by asking her questions.  I asked her what her name was and asked her where we went to for lunch in the afternoon. She stared at me deliriously. I kept repeating the questions. After a while, she finally told me her name, phew!

To have a vomiting child with high fever who could not hold any food or water in her stomach can be a frightening experience. I thank God that the one and single dose of anti-vomiting medicine managed to stop her from vomiting further. She did not want to take the second dose as she said that the anti-vomiting syrup made her feel worse. For 2 days, Sherilyn only survived on a few slices of cream crackers, plain water and lots of sleep. When her body became too hot, I dragged her to the bathroom and get her to shower from head to toe.

It was the nasi lemak with just an egg and 2 pieces of potatoes that I bought from a road-side stall that caused the food poisoning. I was very reluctant to get  Sherilyn nasi lemak for her to bring it to the enrichment centre on that Saturday morning but this stubborn rascal ran down the road to the last stall and ordered the nasi lemak. I could not catch up with her as I was holding Cass with one hand and holding on to food on the other hand. At the stall managed by some Indons, I saw flies on the dishes. I felt really uneasy but I was thinking that the rice should be A-OK since it was kept in a warmer. The egg was kept in a container.  Though I did not see any fly on the potatoes, that dish could have been already pooed or peed on by those darn flies. Or maybe it was the unhygienic handling and preparation of the food by the cook.  I should have listened to my instinct and ignored Sherilyn's pleas, whines and fretting.  The girl wanted only nasi lemak and nothing else that morning. That will be the last time I succumb to her whines, period!

In the car, on our way to the enrichment centre, I had warned Sherilyn several times to eat the packed nasi lemak immediately upon reaching the enrichment centre as I was worried that the rice would turn bad if she ate it later.  I told her about the recent food poisoning case where a few guests died after eating in a kampung-style feast.  My fears came true. That night, she complained of stomach ache and a few hours later, she threw up like a volcano spewing up lava.  Her long hair was dipping into the toilet bowl with vomit all over... at 12 midnight!  History had indeed repeated itself.  This girl used to have midnight vomiting spells when she was about 3 years old, just before Cass was born. After Cass was born, the 'spell' seemed to have been broken.  But the evil witch then cast the spell on Cass. That's another story and I am still praying that the spell will soon be broken.  But nope, I ain't having baby no. 4!

This incident managed to serve the kids, especially Sherilyn a lesson.... that by disobeying mummy, they will have to face serious consequences.  Hmmm, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. Till today, I still pick this incident to remind her of what disobedience can do to her. Hopefully this rascal will remember this incident forever and will listen to mummy's advice always.

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