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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Miss Social Butterfly's BFFs

Ever since Sherilyn attended after-school enrichment classes at the centre (some call it day-care centre or 'an ching pan') some three months back, she has been a very happy girl. Being a person who likes to be surrounded by friends so that she can get crazy with them after the serious business (studies) is done, the enrichment centre is the perfect place for her to be.

Sherilyn made an about turn in her discipline recently. From one who could not be bothered with waking up early, she now wakes up ahead of her 2 sisters every morning during the school holidays. By the time I return from the gym at 8am, she would be ready - washed up, dressed up, hair tied up, cup of water gulped down on her own without me nagging her, fruits eaten - she cut it on her own. She will then pester me to shower and bring her to the enrichment centre. I am really surprised how this girl whom I have almost given up hope on her discipline and punctuality can make a sudden change into one who is so impeccable with her punctuality. Her marks for her test papers had improved for the final exam, as with her class and standard position. I am really glad I made the right decision to send her to this enrichment centre and hopefully she will continue to thrive positively in her behaviour and in academics.

I copied this picture from Sherilyn's BFF's Facebook page. These are her BFFs from the enrichment centre. She talks about her BFFs all the time. These girls are always planning parties, catwalking, modeling and doing everything fun and girly. I hope that Sherilyn will remain good friends with her bunch of BFFs forever.

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