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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hourly Paid Maids - Yay or Nay?

Today, after almost 2 weeks of being maidless, I finally called our regular part-time maid agent to get a maid to come to help us iron the mountain high pile of clothes and to clean the fans and windows.  Now, let me tell you that I was very, very hesitant to use hourly paid part-time maids. I have had bad experience with them.  And still feel unsatisfied with their work today.

This morning, I asked the agent to send me only 1 maid as it is easier to monitor only 1 maid but he said, it must be 2 maids. Fine, what choice do I have?  Much later, he Whatsapped me and said, he will send 3 maids. I said NO, I only wanted 2 maids, but he did not reply me and  sent 3 maids later, GAWD!  *HEADACHE*!

With 3 new part-time maids at my condo at 5pm, I had to divide myself into 3 places to supervise them. In between, I had to prepare dinner.  Today, I grilled some beef burgers and grilled chicken mayo sandwich in the oven for dinner.  But the dinner ended up burnt!  I just could not attend to 3 maids plus watch the oven simultaneously.   The bottom slice of bread was burnt and the girls only had the top slice of bread to eat with the chicken mayo.  And the expensive beef burger that I bought from Jason's @ BSC was dry and over-cooked :(

After the maids left, I remembered that I had forgotten to ask them to wash Alycia and Sherilyn's school shoes that had not been washed for 3 weeks, OH BUMMER!!   Abuden, Alycia and Sherilyn had to wash their shoes themselves just now.   And upon checking the 'aftermath', I found the dustpan not washed and it had sand and dirt on it.  My indoor slippers were kept outside and all wet. The brooms and mops were scattered everywhere. Abuden?  I had to wash the dustpan myself and tidy up the house again!  I was dang fuming that despite having to fork  out RM70, I still had to do so much more myself?  Oh yes, after dinner, I had to mop the floor again and had to wash the dishes myself!  RM70 for a bunch of inconvenience?  In just a short 1 hour 20 minutes, the 3 maids were rushing off every single chore, producing slip shod work! And you know what?  The maids had no time to iron a single piece of shirt! 

Lesson learnt.  If I ever call these hourly maids to come again, I'll make sure I eat out on that day.  And I do not think I will call them once a week anymore.  The fans and windows can go dusty for 2 weeks or even longer. I am fine with that.  I know a friend who has never wiped the windows and fans of her own house (not even rented house) and she is fine with that!  As for ironing, the hubster can ask his kitchen helper to help out to iron.  Alycia and Sherilyn can wash their school shoes themselves.  I am SO not happy with hourly part-time maids!

Do you use the service of hourly paid maids?  How is your experience with them? Do you feel happy and satisfied with their work?

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