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Monday, March 3, 2014

How Often Do You File Your Documents?

When busyness gets the better of me, unimportant things like filing takes the back seat. Since September last year, my documents have been piling up. From one clear folder to two, then three, four and five.

With five clear folders of over a hundred of documents received over the past 6 months, I spent over an hour filing my documents last Friday.

So what was I so busy over?  Three girls sitting for their last term exams, MIL away overseas thus my limited free time was spent cooking, part-time maids not available, vacation, attending to kids' welfare, bringing Cass for medical consultations and therapies, busyness, tiredness and procrastination!

So glad that I managed to file all the documents into the respective arch files last week. But immediately on the same day, I started to receive more documents to file. 

With 3 kids, a condo unit, utility bills, my own banking records, online store and personal documents, there are really quite a bit of letters and documents that I receive everyday.  Being a trained secretary and former PA to a Dato', filing to me is sup sup sui *flips fringe over my head*  :D  But how I hate filing them.  Regret for not filing will often only kick in when you need to refer to previous documents  and fark you just can't find the darn paper!

All I need is some quiet time at a time when the girls are all in school and I can easily sort out, punch holes and slot in the documents into the respective arch files in a jiffy  *blows dust off my hands*!

How often do you do your filing? As and when you have documents to file? Or daily, weekly, monthly or once yearly? Or never file them - after 1 year, the documents are binned?

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