Health Freak Mommy: Our Saturday - 15 March 2014


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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our Saturday - 15 March 2014

After dinner just now, grandma prepared a pail of water, threw in 2 sachets of herbs and soaked her feet while watching news on TV. The 3 rascals who are TV-deprived got perky immediately and zoomed to the sofa to get their fix of TV. Never mind that it was news in Mandarin, as long as there was something to watch on the TV. Then the littlest rascal pulled her chair next to grandma and sneakily put one of her feet into the pail when grandma was engrossed with solving her Sudoku puzzle on the iPad. And not long after, both her feet went into the pail of water! . Monkey see monkey do. Rascal no. 2 followed suit. But the ever indulgent grandma happily shared her pail of herb water with her 2 precious grand daughters :D

Grandma's only condition was "don't show my face anywhere!"  Hence the Line Camera girl pasted on her face LOL!!

Six chubby legs squeezed into a small pail, just too funny not to share this in my blog :D
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