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Friday, April 25, 2014

Grandma To The Rescue

Alycia is super reliant on her Mandarin tutor. With hubs and I being yellow bananas and the MIL who is only around several months in a year, Alycia runs to Ms M for help in Chinese almost every day by sending the questions to her via Whatsapp on days when Ms M does not come over.

Ms M is now vacationing in Japan and will only be back next week, just in time to provide Alycia with some last minute revision before she sits for her mid-term exam in the first week of May.

Thankfully grandma is back from Hawaii just in time to provide interim Chinese help to Alycia :D

Alycia's class teacher is one of the most fastidious and hardworking teachers whom I have come across thus far. She loads the students with tons of homework daily, to gear them for the UPSR exam next year.  On some days, Alycia has to hurriedly eat her dinner to get back to her study table to complete her homework.  And on some days like yesterday, she had to bug grandma for help when she was still having dinner.

If only the hubs and I could afford it, we would send our girls to a private or international school, where homework load is light and kids spend more time in extra curricular activities.  I prefer my girls to have a a more well-rounded school life vs. just burying their faces in school homework day in and day out.

What are your views on heavy homework load given to your kids by the teachers?  Would you have preferred to send your kids to a private or international school if you could afford it or you still think government schools is a preferred choice? 

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