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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lunch at Ippudo @ Gardens Mid Valley

These days, I hardly do food review posts though the foodie hubs is still bringing us everywhere to 'jalan-jalan cari makan' and to try out new eateries.

First, I find it very time-consuming to do a food review post as I need to Google for some information on the eatery.  Secondly, there are just too many impatient hands and growling tummies who just cannot wait for me to say "Wait ar, take photo first!" and then spend a few minutes moving the plate of grub so that it appears in the most appealing angle for me to photograph it. All these food porn  must be done really really quick, lest I get chided and squawked at.

Most of my food pictures will be photobombed by a hand or two, a tumbler, half a face or a hidden thumbs-up from someone cheeky somewhere near the food, like this one... with an impatient hand grabbing the prawn.

By the time I finish snapping my pix, what was once nicely presented in front of me will be gone!  That is why I can never be fat though my hubster is a food caterer and foodie!

Anyway, we had lunch at Ippudo Japanese restaurant @ Mid Valley on Sunday.  Hubster ordered an array of delish and unique Japanese delicacies but I only managed to capture 2 pictures, one of which inevitably showing the hand of my hungry darling Alycia.

This ain't picture perfect too but if I did not hurriedly swipe  the button on my phone, I will be squawked at again like a despised paparazzi!  #@*!

Finally HFM and gang's rating on Ippudo is 7/10.  We all love the food there, especially the ramen with delish broth and the pork bun.  For someone who hates rice but find the above rice sushi delish, it must be really good!  Do give Ippudo a try when Zanmai Sushi has a crazy long queue, though Ippudo is also packed during peak hours. Zanmai Sushi and Ippudo are located just next to each other.  Between Zanmai Sushi and Ippudo, I still prefer Zanmai but do not have the patience to queue up for half an hour.


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