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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Purple Porridge For Lunch Today

Wednesdays are simple lunch days for Cass and me. That is because I do not have a fusspot to please. Cass is pretty simple to please. A simple toast with eggs will make her happy.  Or porridge.  Cass loves porridge.  But if the fussbudget sees porridge, she turns sulky right away.  She wants rice. Rice with dishes but Cass and I hate rice. 

So today being a Wednesday, I happily made a big pot of porridge with purple sweet potatoes, orange sweet potatoes, pork slices, shredded cabbage and shell fish. Cass loves it and so do I.  I whacked a bowl without guilt as I used low GI Basmati rice to cook the porridge.

There is still a big pot of porridge sitting in the Thermos Shuttle Chef now, keeping it warm.  Tonight Cass and Sherilyn will have that for dinner.  As for the fussbudget, I will have to cook some rice for her.  And I am grilling Saba fish and Salmon fish head too, in the oven.  Dinners are strictly carb-free for me, so I'll be fine with just fish and some leftover tofu with minced meat that I cooked for dinner yesterday.

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