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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tragic News

My Saturday afternoon today has been ruined after I read the  news of a 6-year old girl who plunged to her death from the third floor of The Gardens Shopping Mall.   As I read the Facebook postings and news, I tried imagining how I would feel it I were the parents of the deceased *feeling horrified*!!

According to the news being circulated in Facebook, the girl was playing at the escalator while her father was buying pop corns and then bang, a life was lost, just in a matter of seconds :(


Reading news like this makes me even more paranoid whenever I go shopping with my kids.  Cass can be pretty stubborn at times and would refuse me to hold her hand.  Each time I leave the girls with the hubs while I go shopping (the hubs will either bring them to the movies or theme park), I feel tensed and worried.  The hubs can be a very careless person at times. He is definitely not as careful as me with the kids.

So to all parents with young kids, please please please do watch over your kids whenever you are out at the mall or crowded places. Never ever loose sight and hold of your child.  A moment of neglect can be your lifetime of regret.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Post Tooth Extraction

This is how my 'what tarn hor' noodles (flat rice noodles cooked in egg sauce with meat) looked like yesterday.

Yesterday was the second day post tooth extraction and my mouth and affected site was still painful. I could not chew well and had to cut up all my food with a pair of scissors.

When Cass saw the bowl of noodles, she exclaimed that it looked like her baby food. Yalor, what to do, tiger mom has no more fangs and has to swallow down her food in semi-liquid form and all chopped into really tiny bits so that I needn't have to chew much and exert the wound.

Today is the third day and the pain is still nagging me the whole freaking day! The affected wound, the teeth adjacent to it, my lip (grazed and bloodied by the dental plier), my chin and my jaw still hurt :(

I really feel shitty that my mouth has been in pain for 5 days now.

I am hungry and I feel like chomping down a whole roast chicken but I can only look at the glorious food that my mil cooks, salivate and wait for the wound to heal completely.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tiger Mom's Tiger Fangs Yanked Off :(

My diet for the past 2 days and also today have been bread with MIL's homemade jams along with lots of fruit smoothies. 

I had my tooth extracted yesterday and dang it, it was one of the worst experiences for me.  That is why I am totally paranoid of going to the dentist.  I can still withstand 3 C-section child births but not a procedure in my mouth!
I was a complete nervous wreck yesterday and totally freaked out.

I was gobsmacked when I saw just how long my premolar tooth was when it was yanked off!  I told my girls that this is mummy's tiger fangs! 

Yes I am indeed a tiger mom with tiger fangs too *ROARS*!!

I just lurve the MIL's homemade strawberry jam.  She also made some marmalade jam and nutty bread.  So I don't really mind having bread three times a day for 3 days straight.

You can read more about my traumatic tooth yanking experience at my other blog. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Of all the household chores, I have to say that I like doing laundry and washing loos the most ha ha ha!   However, in the laundry department, I only like putting dirty laundry into the washing machine and hanging them. I don't like keeping the laundry, hate folding them and absolutely hate ironing them.  So I tai chi ironing to my part-time helper.  Speaking of part-time helper, I think I can write a separate post on them.  From paying them RM700 a month just last year, I have no choice but to spend RM1,000 on my new part-time helper now :(  Oh well, I believe that this is money spent to get some sanity and me-time.

Anyway, back to my favorite list of household chores.  My friends often flip when I tell them that I do 4-5 loads of laundry in a day. But don't flip just yet.  Each load is only a 30-minute cycle. I have a light colored clothing load, a dark colored clothing load, a load for hubs' stinky post-exercise clothes and a load for floor mats and wash clothes every day :D  All in, my washing machine only works for 2.5 hours in a day.  I know many of you set your washing machine to a 1.5 hour cycle for each load but I don't.  I think that the color of the clothes will fade faster  the longer they spent soaked in detergent and spinning. So I shorten the cycle and my clothes come out feeling clean and fresh-smelling anyway :)   And sometimes I do not even need to iron my outing clothes as my spin is set to only 500spm.

On sunny mornings like today, I feel therapeutic just looking at my clean laundry getting a good dose of sunlight and disinfection :D

It is an irony that I hate sunny days but love watching my laundry bask under the sun.

I think I definitely have OCD! And I know someone must be very pleased with this fact, as the dirty laundry basket is always empty.  Clean and ironed clothes are always back into their wardrobe every nite.

And once a week, blankets get washed and sun-dried to a nice smelling sun fragrance too! I think I deserve a much better pay from the boss!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Video Of Sherilyn Doing A Hip Hop Dance (Third Lesson)

Last month, I made a very tough decision.   I had a dilemma that plagued me for many months.

Since late last year, Sherilyn's interest in ballet started to wane. She dropped hint that she wanted to quit. I put my feet down and was downright firm and said NO. She started learning ballet when she was about 4 years old, going on 5  and I think that throwing away the 4.5 years of ballet lessons down the drain is such a pity and a waste of money.  The hubs has invested thousands of Ringgit in Sherilyn's ballet lessons.

However, I did not want her to learn something to live up to my dreams. I took the plunge and told her ballet teacher about my decision. Her ballet teacher was very disappointed and called me twice to try to dissuade me from pulling Sherilyn out. Once I have made a decision, I will stand by it and I apologized to her ballet teacher.

Last month, Sherilyn joined Hip Hop Dance class.  The main reason why she joined was because of her bff, B.  B and Sherilyn are inseparable at the moment.  They have been besties since they were toddlers in pre-school.

Today hubs could not fetch Sherilyn back from her dance class. So I took over and when I reached the dance centre, the lesson was not over yet, so I sat down and watched her practice her movements. As I watched her dance, I thought to myself that she is made up of all the qualities that a dancer has :)  Whenever I watched Sherilyn perform in her ballet concerts and exams in the past, I would hope that the performance would  not end so soon as I found it very therapeutic to watch her dance.  This odd ball is often at odds with me.  But whenever I see her dance,  I know that she can excel and I am very proud of her.   Today is her third lesson only and I think she is following pretty well.  Her other dance mates in the video have been attending lessons for over a year.

Sherilyn's dance teacher would record the closing dance at the end of each lesson and Whatsapp the video to all the students' parents.

Below is a short video clip of Sherilyn dancing in her third Hip Hop Dance class.  She is wearing red and is placed on the top left side.

Enjoy the video!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Cassandra's Urodynamics Test - 8 May 2014

At the Urodynamics Suite of the hospital yesterday, I met a Malay lady who was accompanying her grand daughter to do the Urodynamics test.  Her grand-daughter was to do the test right after Cass.  We chit-chatted and exchanged stories on why my daughter and her grand-daughter needed to do the test. 

I guess her grand-daughter, S is in a much more pitiful situation.  S was born at only 26 weeks old (6.5 months) but her other twin sibling did not make it.  The doctor did tell the family that the baby will have a host of health problems.  At 6YO, S had one of her kidneys removed (nephrectomy).  With just 1 kidney now, I can see that S' grand-mother is very protective of her.  The loving grand-mother used to wait in school for S to change her diapers, right until she was in Primary 2.  S is now in Primary 3 and still wears diapers to school and she knows how to change diapers herself.   This lady would accompany S to all her appointments in the hospital.  What an awesome grand-mother she is and S is so blessed to have her as her grand-mother.

S hangs a tumbler holder over her shoulder, which holds a very huge tumbler of water.  Her grand-mother told me that S has to drink water like a fish every 1 hour and has to pee and drain her urine out every 4 hours.

In school, S' parents have written a letter to the school principal to exempt S from doing any form of sports. Reason is that with only 1 kidney, they do not want any accident to happen to her, which could rob the other kidney away :(

At home, S can pee on her own but after peeing, she has to insert a small catheter into her urethra to drain out excess pee from her bladder.  Initially, the old lady would help S drain out the urine.  Now that S is 9YO, she knows how to do it herself all the time.  S told me "dah tak sakit lar" (not painful anymore).  S is another tough and brave girl, just like Cass!

However, S still has dirty urine (which is not a good sign) and is on daily meds.  She is scheduled to undergo a surgery to 'enlarge the bladder' - that was what her father told me.   I really sympathize with S and her family members.  S is such a bubbly and pretty girl (albeit very chubby from lack of exercise). 

This was Cass during the Urodynamics test yesterday.  She was fully conscious throughout the 40-minutes procedure.  Not a tear was shed.  Not a scream was let out.  I held on tight to her hands and hugged her most of the time, except for leaving her side for a few minutes to steal a few snapshots of her :D

Doesn't Cass deserve a 'Bravery' award for little girls?  I think she so deserves one for her bravery and composure in handling painful situations.  She was as cool as a cucumber yesterday and I was shivering in the freezer room, though I had a 'heavy armor coat' on for protection against radiation from the X-Ray.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grilled Shishamo and Cod Fish

A few nights before the MIL returned from Hawaii about a fortnight ago, I grilled some Shishamo and cod fish. Shishamo is also called smelt fish with many eggs or some people call it pregnant fish. It was my first time grilling Shishamo and cod fish using the oven and it was a success.  Thankfully the cod fish did not stick to the aluminium foil as I brushed some cooking on the foil before placing it into the oven.

I never knew that grilled cod fish could taste SO good. The meat was tender and juicy and it tasted so much better than steamed ones.

For the Shishamo, they were quite fragile due to the pint size and I had to watch the oven really closely so that they did not get burnt.  The skin of the Shishamo did stick a little to the aluminium foil though.

I will definitely try grilling cod fish in the oven again!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cassandra's Surgery 5 Years Ago

The month of May has always been a very challenging month for me and it still is for this year.

Exactly 5 years ago today, at this hour, Cass and I went through the darkest time of our lives. She went for a major surgery to fix her urinary tract.

The surgery had a complication and the next 2 weeks was a nightmarish limbo for us as the surgeon did not know what was wrong with her that made her keep throwing up and retching. I will never forget the nightly X-rays, the Fluoroscopy test, the CT Scan and the insertion of nasal tube via her nostrils into her stomach, all without GA given to my poor baby.

After 3 weeks of being cooped up in the hospital, the Mother's Day cum 9th wedding anniversary celebration in the ward on the 27th of May 2009 was the happiest  for us. That was the day the surgeon gave the green light to remove all tubes from Cass and she was to be discharged the next day.

Exactly 5 years ago today, this was Cass after the first surgery...

5 years later on her 6th birthday on 9 April 2014, this is my happy baby Cass...

This month, Cass will have to go through several tests and tribulations. In a few days' time, she would have to undergo a Urodynamics Test in the hospital.

 In 2 weeks' time, she will have to sit for her mid year exam in pre-school. Next is her Sports Day and the last test and trial for the month will be on 25th May at Alycia and Sherilyn's school.

Cass has been approved by the MoE for entrance into the school that her 2 che ches are attending, subject to passing the school's internal assessment. Ever since the school was awarded High Performance School status last year, the school has been coming up with a suite of activities, tests, trials and competitions for the students. In order to be accepted into this school, new students would have to sit for an assessment to gauge their level of literacy and numeracy for streaming purposes. And I think that for students who do not meet the mark they will be declined acceptance into the school.

I can only pray for God's strength to be given to Cass to go through all these tests and tribulations in her life.

Cass knows what she has to go through in a few days' time and since yesterday, she has been telling me as a matter of factly, "mummy, I will not cry no matter how pain the test is. I will hold my tears. I will never lose my battle"

Cass  is really the bravest little girl (and very stubborn too!) I have ever met!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Our 2014 Labor Day

Our 2014 Labor Day breakfast at Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village:
 photo laborday1_zpsa6bcec60.jpg

When we reached Nutmeg at 10am, half the cafe was already filled with early birds.  By the time the food came half an hour later, we were all darn famished and I had to quickly snap snap the pix before I get cussed at!   That is why my pix of food can never be crisp, clear and magazine-like.  Can't expect much from a pair of jittery hands with hungry wolves gawking at you angrily, can you?

 photo laborday2_zps69a8b4cd.jpg

After breakkie at Nutmeg, we crossed over to Tous Les Jours to get some pastries and then to a mamak restaurant to pack nasi beriyani and some mamak cuisine.

At the roadside in Bangsar, we were stopped by some volunteers from the Spastic Association of Malaysia for some donation and the ever bleeding heart hubs contributed some money.

Back home, it was revision time for Alycia and Sherilyn as their mid-term exam begins next week, sigh.

How did your Labor Day go? Hope you had a good day resting.  I didn't. It was a no-maid day for us yesterday so I slogged like a labourer like how I would on any other day ;)