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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Post Tooth Extraction

This is how my 'what tarn hor' noodles (flat rice noodles cooked in egg sauce with meat) looked like yesterday.

Yesterday was the second day post tooth extraction and my mouth and affected site was still painful. I could not chew well and had to cut up all my food with a pair of scissors.

When Cass saw the bowl of noodles, she exclaimed that it looked like her baby food. Yalor, what to do, tiger mom has no more fangs and has to swallow down her food in semi-liquid form and all chopped into really tiny bits so that I needn't have to chew much and exert the wound.

Today is the third day and the pain is still nagging me the whole freaking day! The affected wound, the teeth adjacent to it, my lip (grazed and bloodied by the dental plier), my chin and my jaw still hurt :(

I really feel shitty that my mouth has been in pain for 5 days now.

I am hungry and I feel like chomping down a whole roast chicken but I can only look at the glorious food that my mil cooks, salivate and wait for the wound to heal completely.

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