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Monday, May 12, 2014

Video Of Sherilyn Doing A Hip Hop Dance (Third Lesson)

Last month, I made a very tough decision.   I had a dilemma that plagued me for many months.

Since late last year, Sherilyn's interest in ballet started to wane. She dropped hint that she wanted to quit. I put my feet down and was downright firm and said NO. She started learning ballet when she was about 4 years old, going on 5  and I think that throwing away the 4.5 years of ballet lessons down the drain is such a pity and a waste of money.  The hubs has invested thousands of Ringgit in Sherilyn's ballet lessons.

However, I did not want her to learn something to live up to my dreams. I took the plunge and told her ballet teacher about my decision. Her ballet teacher was very disappointed and called me twice to try to dissuade me from pulling Sherilyn out. Once I have made a decision, I will stand by it and I apologized to her ballet teacher.

Last month, Sherilyn joined Hip Hop Dance class.  The main reason why she joined was because of her bff, B.  B and Sherilyn are inseparable at the moment.  They have been besties since they were toddlers in pre-school.

Today hubs could not fetch Sherilyn back from her dance class. So I took over and when I reached the dance centre, the lesson was not over yet, so I sat down and watched her practice her movements. As I watched her dance, I thought to myself that she is made up of all the qualities that a dancer has :)  Whenever I watched Sherilyn perform in her ballet concerts and exams in the past, I would hope that the performance would  not end so soon as I found it very therapeutic to watch her dance.  This odd ball is often at odds with me.  But whenever I see her dance,  I know that she can excel and I am very proud of her.   Today is her third lesson only and I think she is following pretty well.  Her other dance mates in the video have been attending lessons for over a year.

Sherilyn's dance teacher would record the closing dance at the end of each lesson and Whatsapp the video to all the students' parents.

Below is a short video clip of Sherilyn dancing in her third Hip Hop Dance class.  She is wearing red and is placed on the top left side.

Enjoy the video!

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