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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Down Memory Lane (8 June 2014)

Today being a Sunday, we were homebound, except for Alycia and Sherilyn who followed by parents to the wet market early in the morning.  Dad bought us breakfast of all my childhood favorite food from the Kg Simee wet market.  And he cooked us a very yummy dinner.

In the afternoon, my mum opened her 'old treasure chest' to show the girls some of the most prized possession that once belonged to my brothers and me.

The girls were elated to see so many pretty note books, pencils, stickers and envelopes from the Sanrio brand that I have been keeping deep inside the treasure chest for more than 30 years!

This Hello Kitty note pad and box of pencils were once my very, very treasured belonging.  I did not have the heart to use them and kept them until today!  They were and still are very precious to me.  Though my girls asked if they could have all the things, I said no and only gave away some with a heavy heart.  Perhaps I will slowly give them away each time we are back at my parents :)

While digging for treasure, Alycia found my bunch of love letters from my then boyfriend (now hubby la, LOL!).  They also found my diary which I wrote "Strictly Private & Confidential" and read it!

Sherilyn came running to me and asked me why I kept these 2 pieces of old handkerchiefs in a box.  I felt sentimental when I saw the handkerchiefs. My late beloved por por (maternal grandma) bought them for me when she went to China circa 1984, when I was 10 years old.


Can you believe what a good keeper of things I am?! If only I lived in a double storey house in KL, I would have kept many of my daughters' things too just for remembrance sake. It sure feels sentimental and happy at the same time when you retrieve these things many, many moons down the road.

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