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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Holidays Coming To An End

I have 2 more days of real holiday at my parents in Ipoh. On Tuesday when we are back in KL, my slavery days will recommence. Our home is in a topsy-turvy. It now looks like a post-earthquake hit house. Dust and debris is everywhere. We still need to wear slippers when we step in. My part-time maid whom I have treated so well is taking advantage of the situation by demanding an increase in her pay! See how ungrateful she is!! She did not even turn up yesterday and did not even bother to reply my text message. Oh well, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I can work like a slave if I want to and if there is no choice.The thought of saving all the money that should have been spent on the part time maid will spur me to work even harder. I will just need to work extra hard for a few days to transform our home into a clean home again. I will rope in the girls to help me wipe the furniture and small items. All the curtains, bed linen and burlap table runners would have to be removed and sent to the laundrette for washing. Wish me luck!
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