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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cass The Number Cruncher

Cass is still very much into number crunching ever since she got hooked on solving Math sums more than a year ago.

Now that she has mastered additions (up to 5 digits and even more sometimes), she has moved to subtraction and is now pretty adept with numbers involving hundreds. N

Cass' latest craze is doing mental subtraction with numbers involving 100 with a two-digit number (eg. 100-26, 100-36, 100-73, etc), done without doing any written calculation. She can come up with the correct answer in just seconds using her mind along with her fingers.  I am impressed that she has now beaten her 2nd sister and at times, she is even faster than her eldest sister in mental subtraction. And she has not even attended any Math enrichment class or mental arithmetic lessons.  But she told me adamantly that when she goes to che che's school next year, she wants to join the mental arithmetic class and take part in Math competitions!  I'll see....

Cass bugs me to give her Math sums whenever she is bored. She hates being bored and cannot stand doing nothing. She loves to work her brain up with Math sums.  In a way, she is making me work out my brain too and I have to work my brain really hard to get the answer before she does!  All done without any calculator, on the go!  Even when I am driving! lol!

I am now training Cass multiplication. As of today, she has mastered multiplication by 2, 5 and 10. She is now working on 3s. This is by far my proudest achievement from Cass and honestly, I did not do much to stir up her interest in Math. I have very little time to read to her, what more teach her Math. It is during the free time that we have while waiting for our food to arrive when we eat out, in the car and in our hospital visits that I teach her Math.  Hopefully Cass' interest in Math will never wane. 

Cass at 6 years 3 month.
She brings along her Math workbooks whenever we go out!  And nope, it is not my idea ok.  She does it out of her love for numbers! :D

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