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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mixed Fruits Ice-Blended Smoothie

Lately, I am back at churning out fresh smoothies for my darlings after a short hiatus!

After seeing how effective a full mug of smoothie can help Cass evacuate her bowels, I have been diligently swirling out a medley of fruit smoothies for the girls for the past few days.

Today I made ice-blended orange + apple + kiwi + fresh lychee + chia seeds smoothie for the girls.

Within less than a minute, my smoothie guzzler downed a glass of smoothie.


And it produced the same powerful effect on her guts today, an hour later!  After lunch, she surprised me with something on the throne. 

For someone who has always struggled with constipation, being able to make her dumps effortlessly without pain is a victory. 

This mommy just has to spend 20 minutes each day peeling and chopping fruits and happily pressing the buttons on her Blentec to produce 3 full glasses of rich and refreshing smoothie :)

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