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Monday, September 8, 2014

Nude Beef Bolognese

There I was the other day, very excited to cook some beef bolognese sauce for the girls.  I normally cook a big pot and deep freeze some. I use the sauce for spaghetti and as filling for our grilled wraps.

And there I was happily heating up the wok after I had blended the garlic, onions and tomatoes in the food processor.

The moment I ignited the fire on the stove, SH*T, where is the bottled bolognese sauce? I searched the fridge but there was no sight of it.  Never mind, tomato ketchup? I rummaged through the fridge and cabinets and SHI*T, no sight of it either.  That's the problem whenever there is a hiatus in my cooking. I tend to be too reliant on the mil to do the cooking when she is around.  I do not even check what is available in the fridge.

So how now brown cow?!

So I just cooked brown cow meat with whatever that I have on hand!  And I named my sauce - HFM Nude Beef Bolognese.  It is my very tasty beef bolognese sauce made from minced antibiotic-free Australia beef, garlic, onions, loads of organic tomatoes and seasoned with mixed Italian herbs, salt, a dash of brown sugar, ground cumin, ground coriander seeds and ground black pepper. 

A pot of HFM Nude Beef Bolognese - as natural as nature intended it to be :D

Part of the Nude Beef Bolognese sauce was used to make crispy grilled wraps.  Another portion is still in the freezer and I intend to use it for the girls' spaghetti lunch tomorrow.

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