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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dinner For A Rush-Like-Mad Day - 29 October 2014

Yesterday was another rush-like-mad day for me, all because I had to make 6 trips just for the sake of my drama queen.  Her hip hop dance teacher is giving them double classes a week to practise for an upcoming public performance.  It will be Sherilyn's first time performing a dance in public. 

Luckily I had my dinner ingredients all prepared in the fridge.  They were meant for dinner 2 nights ago but there was a change in plan and we ate out.  So I had the purple cabbage cleaned and julienned and my black promfret fish marinated nicely. All I needed to do was to fry the cabbage with some minced pork (also marinated 2 days earlier) and crank up the oven to grill the fish.

Grilled black pomfret fish, marinated with turmeric, ground coriander seeds, pepper, salt and grilled with olive oil.

Purple cabbage stir-fried with minced pork.

I still have a portion of fried cabbage in the fridge for today's lunch. I'll just mash up some hard-boiled eggs, squeeze some mayo on it and give it a few shakes of pepper.  Cass likes this kind of food for lunch.  Thank God I have quite an easy-to-please child which makes life easier for me!

Sherilyn will eat at the enrichment center and Alycia will eat in school. She will have to stay back till 3:30pm every day until next year when her UPSR exam is over.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Korean Style Seaweed Cheese Fried Rice (Meat-less)

The seaweed cheese fried rice that I ate at Palsaik Korean BBQ restaurant the previous day left me with much motivation to replicate the dish the following day.

Though I did not have a pot of  spicy seafood soup as the star ingredient for the fried rice, what I could get from my kitchen cabinet was sufficient to spice up the fried rice to our satisfaction.

This is a meat-free fried rice.  I only used garlic (1.5 head), 4 medium sized ripened tomatoes, 2 packets of bok choy, mozzarella cheese, seasoned seaweed, cajun powder, turmeric powder, pepper and soy sauce.  The original recipe uses spicy seafood soup.  I only used whatever herbs and spices that I can find in my kitchen cabinet.  I used cajun powder and pepper to bring out the mild spiciness.

First I cooked the rice in my jar rice cooker.  When holes started to appear in the rice, I dumped in 4 ripened organic tomatoes.  Once the rice is cooked, simply fork out the skin (heat separates the skin from the tomato, thus saves you the trouble of peeling it) and mash the tomatoes.

My wannabe celebrity chef volunteered to help me slice up the block mozzarella cheese.  I used 1 whole block of Perfect Italiano Traditional Mozzarella cheese.  I love buying this brand of block mozzarella cheese as it is not salty and has minimal food additives. For kids, I highly recommend buying block cheese as it is lower in sodium and has lesser food additives like anti-caking agent.

Brown the garlic, fry the chopped bok choy, put in the tomato rice and all the spices and fry. Add soy sauce, Lea & Perrin sauce or fish sauce if you fancy that.  Sweep the rice aside and add in 5 eggs - continue frying the eggs till cooked. Mix everything together well.  Finally add in the mozzarella cheese.

I just love the cob-web like effect from the melted mozzarella cheese.  So yummy!  Would be even cheesier and tastier if I used 2 blocks of mozzarella cheese as I had quite an amount of rice (about 6 bowls)

My girls call this pizza fried rice!

Miss Drama Queen pressed her rice onto the plate to shape it into a pizza and added more mozzarella cheese on top!

I like mine with extra seasoned Korean seaweed.  This fried rice is just so flavorful despite being meat-less.  For vegetarians, you can omit the eggs and add some kimchi to fry with the rice.   My next creation would be kimchi fried rice with lots of veggies.  Thinking of kimchi already makes me drool, hehe!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Scott Garden

Yesterday being a Deepavali public holiday, the hubs brought us to Palsaik Korean BBQ restaurant @ Scott Garden for lunch.

Someone wasn't very happy with the choice of food, thus the crabby face, ha!

As you can see from the picture, they ain't very appealing to a 6YO or just about any kid for that matter.  Every item looked green, raw and red (kim chi).  Well, initially I wasn't very excited with hubs' choice too but not until the server (handsome one too!) bbq-ed the array of flavored pork bellies and served them to us.  Service was good.

Palsaik offers 3 sets to choose from and hubs ordered the eight-color set which is priced at RM112++ and enough to satisfy 3 to 4 people. It comes with the 8 different kinds of marinated pork, huge plate of vegetables, mushrooms, garlic, big head bean sprouts and kimchi on the hotplate and their special seafood miso soup.   Generous offering of salad (with my favorite mint leaves too!) and cucumber slices with miso paste were part of the set too.

The 8 slices of pork belly were marinated in different sauces such as Ginseng, Wine, Pine Needle, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Soy Bean Paste and Red Pepper Sauce.  The flavored pork bellies are meant to be eaten in sequence, from left-to-right for maximum tingling of the taste buds.  But honestly, I find that all of them tasted the same ha! Mild in marinates yet rich in flavor and did not leave me with an aftermath of unquenchable thirst.

Tasty oink oink slices and bean spouts overload... but never mind, iLike them!  It's the ideal meal for low-carb dieters.


I wrapped the bbq-ed porky slices with raw salad leaves to dissipate the 'heatiness'.  I love wrapping the pork with mint leaves. The icy cool and refreshing peppermint flavor that comes out from the mint leaves the moment you chew the leaf seem magical and when combined with the hot bbq-ed pork, the fusion of  the different flavors is just perfect!


Each set comes with a bubbling pot of spicy seafood soup which has an abundance of seafood from crabs to lala clams, squids, prawns, tofu and green veggies.  Everyone loved this soup.  Even Cass who was not too happy with the food could not help helping herself to scoop after scoop of spicy soup.  Yup, my girls love spicy food.

The set came with a squarish piece of radish on a skew.  We thought that the radish was to be bbq-ed as well but what do we know?  Tadaaaa....

The server used the skewered radish to clean the hot pot by wiping and scraping the burnt gunk off the hot pot!    Luckily we did not bbq the radish and pop it into our mouths lol!

And the grand finale, the star of the show was the cheese fried rice.

The set certainly did not look like a superstar but it did steal the thunder from the bbq-ed pork!

How the cheese fried rice is cooked:
First the server poured the seafood soup into another bowl, leaving only about half a cup in the hot pot.  With the soup left in the hot pot, he put in the veggie, rice and seaweed and stir-fried everything together.  Finally he added the mozzarella cheese.

The cheese fried rice (RM15) with stretchy cob-web like cheese.  It looks and tastes like rice pizza and is very very delish!

So delish was the seafood soup cheese fried rice that today, I tried cooking this for dinner at home! :D
But that will be in another post :)

Will we be at Palsaik again? Most definitely yes. I think the food is pretty healthy with lots of green veggies and yummy pork - clearly a very ideal meal for low-carbers like me.  Hubs likes it too as he is also on a low-carb diet now.  But we will have to get Cass a Subway sandwich (located outside Tesco, beneath Palsaik) if we were to bring her along.  She commented after the lunch "next time, I will bring my own food if you bring me here again!"  My witty brat!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love Notes

Another sweet and appreciative note from my sweetie-pie during lunch today...

The chicken drumstick was left-over from last night's dinner of Maple Dijon Chicken Drumstick.  Half way through eating her lunch just now, she went to my desk and wrote this note for me that goes...

"I love your cooking.  New high score 999 for mom.  Thank you mom"

Love the 2 smiley faces with laughing eyes and drooling tongues :))

The Crock Pot Maple Dijon Mustard Drumstick that I cooked for dinner last night...


 Cass at 6 years 6 months.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just Another Meal Whipped Up

It was a very warm and humid day on Thursday. After being cooped up in the kitchen for only 1/2 hr, I felt like I needed a bath immediately as I smelled of grilled salmon and raw garlic all over. And I was sweating as if I had just stepped out of the sauna!   But I had to pick up Miss Drama Queen from the enrichment center.   By the time I got back at 7ish pm, I lost my appetite to eat. What I only wanted to do was to have a refreshing cool shower.

This is the grilled salmon with mushroom sauce (cooked with extra virgin olive oil + butter + garlic + herbs + turmeric powder).


Before I could grab my phone to snap a presentable picture of the salmon right out of the oven, my pack of hungry wolves started to devour both slices of the fish and disintegrated the fish till it looked really unpalatable.  I call them wolves coz the way they devour their meat is just like how wolves would devour and rip apart their prey! 

While the hungry wolves chowed down their coconut milk rice and salmon, I had a bowl of refreshing salad with a match-box size piece of salmon.  That is how much I eat each night,  thus my size :)

The left over salmon was used as filling for baked crispy wraps for Friday lunch. Cass like it very much and wrote a little sweet note for me :)


Check out the smiley face with a licking tongue too :))  I love this baby girl, really!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Random Stories From The Girls' School

When my eldest daughter is in a mood to talk, she will pour out all that has been kept inside her head and heart.  She is like a sponge who will absorb but not ready to drip out anything yet. But when the sponge in her is full, she will spill all out to her heart's content.  Usually, she does not talk much about the happenings in school.  I normally gather information from the drama queen.  The drama queen is ever willing to tell me anything.  The moment I pick her up from the enrichment centre in the evening, she will start to relate all the happenings in school and enrichment centre till I have to ask her to stop talking. There are times when I just need the peace of mind to think, to troubleshoot problems and to plan what I have to do and cook. But when the drama queen talks continuously (she talks very loudly too!), I have to ask her to stop sometimes.  With a drama queen at home, I never have to watch dramas on TV anymore.  Her dramas are more than enough to 'entertain' me, sometimes to the verge of tears, just like in dramas!

Back to my eldest.  I am not going to mention any name since she 'warned' me not to tell anyone anything about what she had told me.  While spilling out some of the stories in school that transpired over the past few days and weeks, I had a shock when she nonchalantly mentioned to me that one of her school mates has a boyfriend.  Both the boy and girl are eleven! Only 11 just like my eldest!  I had a WTF moment when she told me that the 'couple' say their "I love you"s openly in the school canteen. To me, they are still babies!  Green horn. And still wet behind the ears!  Later, she showed me the girl and the boy's Facebook page.  The girl looks way matured than her actual age - definitely not looking like a 11-year old to me.  But the boy still looks like a 'baby' to me. Oh gawd, do they even know what they are doing or saying? What is happening? I hope this will not happen to my girls. Not until they have graduated from university at least :D

After the shocking story about the 11-year old couple, she went on to tell me another story - that one of her classmates who has asthma would look zombified each time she has her menses.  During the time of the month, this friend would be dragging her feet around school with a face as pale as snow and panda eyes.  A few weeks ago, her friend who was up on stage during a story-telling competition  had to stop short half way during her session. She was gasping for air while running to the toilet. Later, another friend found this girl on the floor of the toilet unconscious.  The girl had passed out. Her mother was called and she was sent to the hospital.  I was shocked to hear of all these things happening in school and my daughter is only telling them all to me now!

Note to self - must dish out more yummy food for the girl. She feeds me with juicy stories when she is well fed with yummy food, usually during dinner ;)

End Of Final Exam

1 more day to go before Alycia and Sherilyn get to sniff the sweet whiff of freedom after 10.5 months of books, 4 major school exams and many mini tests in between exams. This exam marks their final exam for the year 2014. While the drama queen can unwind a wee bit, Alycia still needs to attend extra classes four times a week provided by her school in preparation for the UPSR exam next year. I have in mind some activities to do with the girls after their exam. I have promised Sherilyn to bring her ice-skating and Alycia to check out some fender telecaster deluxe guitars. Alycia has put her guitar at the backseat while she focused on the preparation of her final exam. Now she can bring her guitar back to the front and start strumming her favorite tunes again. I will get her to perfect a love song for her granny and grandpa who will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary soon!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Winter Hinata Wedding Theme

Sharing some of the pix that the hubs took at his client's wedding reception at Janda Baik, Genting Highlands on Saturday.  He was the caterer for the wedding reception.

The theme of the wedding was Winter Hinata.

Check out the pix...



Such a splendid wedding at an enchanted place!





If I could turn back the clock, I would love to have a wedding like this one too!

If you have a forthcoming function and need a caterer, you can give Catermate (Alan) a tinkle at 019-266 4297 ;)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Our Saturday - 11 October 2014

Today has been an unexciting and dull day for us.  It's the eve of the eve of Alycia and Sherilyn's final exam.

Hubs left the house very early in the morning for work.  He has a wedding function to oversee and the venue is at Janda Baik - the foot of Genting Highlands. That's an awesome and scenic place to have a wedding reception.  Hubs and his entire entourage of staff have been working hard since three days ago, at the site and at the shop.  His next major function is a mega public event in the heart of KL.  So, it looks like the girls and I would have to spend our next few weekends alone without him.

We have been homebound today, with Alycia and Sherilyn doing some eleventh hour revision for their final exam for this year.  We went out for a hurried breakfast before I dropped Sherilyn at the enrichment centre.  Dinner was at our favorite neighborhood restaurant - just the girls and me. Back home, it was back to revision.  In between revision, I cracked the girls up with their favorite songs from You Tube.  Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass song has taken the world by storm and it has definitely taken the girls and me by typhoon as well!  We can't seem to shake the song off our heads and have been singing and jiggling our booties  to Meghan's All About That Bass song  all the time :D  Singing and dancing are the way to go to de-stress oneself.   What cracked us up the most were  parody songs.

While revising with them on Possessive Form Of Nouns, I threw them some examples of names ending with 's' that should have an apostrophe after the 's'.  When I came to the name Jones,  Sherilyn's mind wandered to the song 'Me and Mrs Jones' by Michael Buble!  I just knew that she would think of that song, my whimsical girl!  And need I say more?  We ended our English revision session with karaoke-ing Michael Buble's 'Me and Mrs Jones' song!

With a day of crunching school books, the girls have been bored to tears and weariness. They all   konked out by 10pm.  The house is tranquil and bereft of voices now.  I am getting my dose of late night jazz now. I had just finished fixing Alycia's buckle on her skirt. I should have crashed out on my bed too but how can I not enjoy the absolute peace at home now? It's such a waste not to have seized this precious serenity at home on a Saturday night.  But what am I to do alone?? ha!

Friday, October 10, 2014

All About Cass

This is Cass' latest pose whenever she is in front of the camera...

 Do you know why?

Wait, I'll let you know why later.  Let me first show you Cass' latest love - a bottle of paper cubes that her best friend  Megan gave her yesterday.  Megan's mummy made all the paper cubes out of gift wrapping papers. How very awesome! Cass has been admiring every single paper cube since yesterday and has been telling me how much she loves those cubes, which are very, very neatly folded.  Megan's mummy must have spent days folding them.  The best things in life are indeed inexpensive!

Cass is going to be really upset on the last day of school this year as she will then have to say good-bye to Megan. Perhaps they may never see each other again as Cass and Megan will be in different schools :(

Two days ago, Cass' shaky front tooth finally fell when she was eating sweet corn and chicken chop for dinner.  Before dinner, she was already telling me that her shaky tooth was making it very difficult for her to eat her dinner.  She kept touching her tooth throughout dinner.  Half way during dinner, I asked Cass to open  her mouth for me to check the tooth and what did I know?  The tooth had already come off and Cass was not even aware of it!  She quickly spat out her mouthful of dinner and we heard 'ting' on her plate!  The tooth along with blood and her half-chewed food was all over her plate!  Thank God I asked her to open her mouth for me to check, else, I dare not imagine what would have happened if she had accidentally swallowed the tooth *GULP*!

Missing front tooth - the epitome of the transition from 'baby' to a 'big kid'.  My baby girl is growing too fast.  In less than 3 months, she will be the 'big kid' going to a 'big kid school'

Thus, the reason why she has come up with a brand new pose of putting her finger right across her lips to cover the gap in her mouth :D  She keeps telling me that she looks hideous but I have been reassuring her that she looks as cute as ever.

Cass enjoying her bowl of potato salad that I made for lunch today.  She's wearing her new Hello Kitty dress from my online store :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fried Rice With Young Lotus Root & Minced Meat

My 14-year old microwave oven konked off about a month ago.   Hubs said that it ain't worth it to get it fixed as the repair fee would probably cost almost the same as a new microwave oven of some not-so-popular brands. Though I am so used to having a microwave oven to reheat food, I am however, having qualms using it now after reading all the negative reports on the hazardous radiation emitted from microwave ovens and how it will affect our health. So... I guess I will just have to live like I used to before I had the microwave oven and go back to basics - wok to reheat food!

So back to my lotus root fried rice:)

My menu for the day was to reheat some rice from the fridge and to stir-fry young lotus roots with minced pork.  As I was frying the lotus root, I was thinking "why  not just dump in the rice with the lotus root and dish out a lotus root fried rice?"  It was already 7ish pm and I had started cooking dinner late on that day.  I had not much time left to steam the darn rice. We have no steamer and I hate having to use another pot to steam the rice. More pots = more washing and more drying to do!  So yeah, what the heck, I dumped the entire container of overnight rice into my wok of lotus root with minced meat - added some soy sauce and pepper. Then I swept the rice and lotus root to one side of the wok, added some more oil and whacked in 3 eggs.  After a few stirs, I had a very aromatic and delish 'Fried Rice With Young Lotus Root, Minced Pork, Eggs & Macadamia Nuts'   Sounds like a dish off the menu of some high end Chinese restaurant, hor?

So how do you like my creation?  Served with Ipoh salt baked chicken and blanched yau mak veggie :)

The little Miss Drama loved the fried rice so much that she asked me to keep some for her to be brought to school for recess the next day :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eating Clean

Lunch for a health freak mommy today :)

Composition of HFM's healthy salad...
Organic broccoli and alfalfa sprouts, organic cherry tomatoes, mashed hard-boiled eggs with mayo (I used two free-range chicken eggs), toasted almond flakes, raw pumpkin seeds, toasted sesame seeds, grated parmesan cheese and a drizzle of goma salad dressing.  This is what I like about eating clean.  I eat without an iota of guilt and I feel so good after my meal - no phlegm clogging up my throat, no tingling sensation in my throat, no bloatedness, no cloyness, no feeling of unquenchable thirst and it's low in fat :)

Buying Herbs and Spices Online

Cooking wholesome and nutritious food for my kids is now something that I look forward to. Though I do not look forward to the washing, chopping, oil splatters and greasy kitchen tops and floor, the happy and satisfied looks on my kids' faces make all the hard work sweating it out in the kitchen all worth it.

If you have been following my blog, you will know by now that I will only cook dishes that are fast and easy to dish out.  I allocate an hour to a maximum of 2 hours a day in the kitchen to dish out lunch and dinner.  I seldom prepare Chinese dishes as it involves a lot of garlic and onion chopping, as well as frying and braising.  Thank God for my oven, I use it almost everyday to grill meat and to bake wraps or toasts.   My oven is my life savior when I do not have enough time to fire up the wok to fry a fish or braise a chicken.  With an oven, I can easily whip up a very flavorful meat dish without the need for chopping up garlic or onions.  And there is no oil splatter on the floor or on my hands :)

What I find extremely useful in adding flavor to my grilled meat dishes are herbs and spices.  Some of the spices that I use almost daily are ground coriander seeds, dried rosemary, ground cumin, Chinese spices and black pepper.  These spices impart such aromatic flavor to the chicken and fish dish that I do not even need to use any bottled sauces for marinating my meat.  However, it may not be easy to find certain herbs and spices in some of my recipes.  Today I found a website for ordering great herbs and spices online.  This website has such an awesome range of herbs and spices to flavor up your dishes as well as for health supplements. Check out the link above to find out more!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Saturday - 5 October 2014

We had dim sum brunch at Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant @ Mid Valley after dropping Sherilyn at the enrichment centre  - just hubs, Cass and me.  Alycia 'ter-slept' on Friday night and had to be homebound to complete her homework before the Mandarin tutor comes.

We gave this cute piggy pau with lotus filling to the Mandarin tutor.  She deserves lots of freebies from us for being such a dedicated teacher.  Did I tell you that Alycia would Whatsapp this teacher till midnight at times for help in her homework?  And she has never failed to reply her, with patience and love!

Cass spent her day making 'pastries' and 'fruits' from colorful blue tac, with help from her daddy...

We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant at our condo as it rained the entire night and we could not get out to eat.  After dinner, daddy and the girls continued sculpting with blue tac.

Here's part of their production...

From left to right:  hotdog with mustard, plaid bun, Hello Kitty, burger and lemon pie :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kiddos Lunch - 3 October 2014

Simple lunch for the girls today...

On Mickey's face - Green tea noodles, seasoned with organic soy sauce, sesame seed oil, chopped scallions and crispy nori.

On Mickey's ears - hard-boiled eggs, mashed and seasoned with a pinch of sea salt, pepper and mayo.  Cherry tomatoes.

Fruit of the day - jackfruit and kiwi

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Favorite Ipoh Street Food

Before we left Ipoh for KL on 18 Sept 2014, hubs left the house very early in the morning to hunt for all our favorite Ipoh street food.  He managed to catch the nyonya kuih seller at Ipoh Garden South and got a box of my favorite black glutinous rice ang koo with generous mung bean fillings. It's been yonks since I last sank my teeth into this kuih with super soft and chewy skin. A bite of it can send me straight to foodie heaven!

Pulut sambal - not my favorite but my mil's though.

Soft, sticky and smooth kuih talam and pulut tekan kaya with decadent kaya...

Homemade yam cake, which can be so addictive, even for someone who turns her head away from high carb food!

Famous Ipoh 'kai see hor fun' (chicken with flat rice noodles) and of course kopi ais.

Food is one of the things that I miss a lot in Ipoh.  Our most recent trip was only a short 2 days.  But  we managed to cover many of our favorite street food, including my  childhood favorite Hakka fishball noodles.

So did I care a jot about the muffin top spilling out from my hot short pants as a result of all these high carb food?  Not really this time.  I have discovered something that works well for me where I can eat all that I want, cut down on exercise and yet not gain an ounce of weight ;)

And for those of you who are less than perfect in your body, here's a very catchy song by Meghan Trainor that will make you accept and love your body - All About That Bass. I can't seem to shake this song out of my head today haha!  Do enjoy your favorite high calorie food while you listen to this song.  It will make you feel less guilty for sure! ;)