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Friday, October 10, 2014

All About Cass

This is Cass' latest pose whenever she is in front of the camera...

 Do you know why?

Wait, I'll let you know why later.  Let me first show you Cass' latest love - a bottle of paper cubes that her best friend  Megan gave her yesterday.  Megan's mummy made all the paper cubes out of gift wrapping papers. How very awesome! Cass has been admiring every single paper cube since yesterday and has been telling me how much she loves those cubes, which are very, very neatly folded.  Megan's mummy must have spent days folding them.  The best things in life are indeed inexpensive!

Cass is going to be really upset on the last day of school this year as she will then have to say good-bye to Megan. Perhaps they may never see each other again as Cass and Megan will be in different schools :(

Two days ago, Cass' shaky front tooth finally fell when she was eating sweet corn and chicken chop for dinner.  Before dinner, she was already telling me that her shaky tooth was making it very difficult for her to eat her dinner.  She kept touching her tooth throughout dinner.  Half way during dinner, I asked Cass to open  her mouth for me to check the tooth and what did I know?  The tooth had already come off and Cass was not even aware of it!  She quickly spat out her mouthful of dinner and we heard 'ting' on her plate!  The tooth along with blood and her half-chewed food was all over her plate!  Thank God I asked her to open her mouth for me to check, else, I dare not imagine what would have happened if she had accidentally swallowed the tooth *GULP*!

Missing front tooth - the epitome of the transition from 'baby' to a 'big kid'.  My baby girl is growing too fast.  In less than 3 months, she will be the 'big kid' going to a 'big kid school'

Thus, the reason why she has come up with a brand new pose of putting her finger right across her lips to cover the gap in her mouth :D  She keeps telling me that she looks hideous but I have been reassuring her that she looks as cute as ever.

Cass enjoying her bowl of potato salad that I made for lunch today.  She's wearing her new Hello Kitty dress from my online store :)

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