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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

End Of Final Exam

1 more day to go before Alycia and Sherilyn get to sniff the sweet whiff of freedom after 10.5 months of books, 4 major school exams and many mini tests in between exams. This exam marks their final exam for the year 2014. While the drama queen can unwind a wee bit, Alycia still needs to attend extra classes four times a week provided by her school in preparation for the UPSR exam next year. I have in mind some activities to do with the girls after their exam. I have promised Sherilyn to bring her ice-skating and Alycia to check out some fender telecaster deluxe guitars. Alycia has put her guitar at the backseat while she focused on the preparation of her final exam. Now she can bring her guitar back to the front and start strumming her favorite tunes again. I will get her to perfect a love song for her granny and grandpa who will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary soon!
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