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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fried Rice With Young Lotus Root & Minced Meat

My 14-year old microwave oven konked off about a month ago.   Hubs said that it ain't worth it to get it fixed as the repair fee would probably cost almost the same as a new microwave oven of some not-so-popular brands. Though I am so used to having a microwave oven to reheat food, I am however, having qualms using it now after reading all the negative reports on the hazardous radiation emitted from microwave ovens and how it will affect our health. So... I guess I will just have to live like I used to before I had the microwave oven and go back to basics - wok to reheat food!

So back to my lotus root fried rice:)

My menu for the day was to reheat some rice from the fridge and to stir-fry young lotus roots with minced pork.  As I was frying the lotus root, I was thinking "why  not just dump in the rice with the lotus root and dish out a lotus root fried rice?"  It was already 7ish pm and I had started cooking dinner late on that day.  I had not much time left to steam the darn rice. We have no steamer and I hate having to use another pot to steam the rice. More pots = more washing and more drying to do!  So yeah, what the heck, I dumped the entire container of overnight rice into my wok of lotus root with minced meat - added some soy sauce and pepper. Then I swept the rice and lotus root to one side of the wok, added some more oil and whacked in 3 eggs.  After a few stirs, I had a very aromatic and delish 'Fried Rice With Young Lotus Root, Minced Pork, Eggs & Macadamia Nuts'   Sounds like a dish off the menu of some high end Chinese restaurant, hor?

So how do you like my creation?  Served with Ipoh salt baked chicken and blanched yau mak veggie :)

The little Miss Drama loved the fried rice so much that she asked me to keep some for her to be brought to school for recess the next day :)

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