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Saturday, November 1, 2014

High Maintenance Panasonic Water Purifier

We have been using this Panasonic PJ-A36  water filter  since October 2008.  It cost over RM2k when it was bought.  The cartridge has to be changed once or twice a year and each replacement cartridge costs around RM270.  This water filter can  produce non-electrolyzed water, alkaline water and acidic water.


A few mornings ago, I saw drops of  gooey gunk on our kitchen top (under the water filter). I thought a 'rat' stole honey or chocolates when everyone was in lalaland!  When I checked the base of the  water filter, it was leaking stinky gooey gunk!

Hubs sent the water filter to the electrical shop where he bought the water filter from to have it fixed.  He was told that a spare part is faulty and it costs  RM500 to fix it!

I have always find that this water purifier is high maintenance.  We never had problems when we used a regular Panasonic water purifier that costs only a few hundred Ringgit each. Of course, the regular Panasonic water purifier has no such functions as turning water into alkaline water or acidic water and all that jazz (or bull shit?).  The cartridge is also way cheaper than its high maintenance sibling.  I find that using this alkaline water purifier is like driving a Porsche vs. driving a Kancil, which is low maintenance with low cost of spare parts.

Question :  would you spend RM500 to fix the high maintenance alkaline water purifier?  Or would you buy a brand new water purifier (regular filter or fancy one)?

Hubs paid RM500 to have our 'Porsche water purifier' fixed.

Come on, tell me what  you would do!

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