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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lighting Does Strike Twice At The Same Place

I cannot believe that my www.healthfreakmommy.com blog has been injected with malware again, barely 3 days after it was whitelisted by Google and cleaned of infection!!  I thought lightning does not strike twice at the same place?  It is not true. It does strike many times at the same place and same person too!  Bugger!!

I have done all the preventive measures like changing passwords to really strong ones and getting my blog host to scan my domain but still??  Fulat!  I really don't know what to say except to accept that this year is just not a good year for me. I am under attack from top, bottom, left and right in every aspect of my life. Shit!

I really have no time to waste to fire-fight issues like the ones affecting my blogs. Communicating with some of the domain host technical staff is stressful.  They have a pool of technical staff (mostly foreigners) and different staff looks at my problem throughout the day. Some are plain lazy and annoying while some of them would go all out to help me.

As I am typing this post now, the Indon workers are clearing up debris and the mess from our kitchen. The renovation is finally over.    Our kitchen is in a very, very dusty condition now. Every single freaking item has to be wiped.  I don't think we can cook in the kitchen by today. We have been eating out for the past 5 days - twice a day and I am so sick of outside food now.

So yeah, it is back to square one now.  All my time and effort to salvage my blogs have been thrown out of the window.  My babies are down-and-out again. It will take another 3 days at least for them to be resuscitated *BAWL and PULL HAIR* :( :(

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