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Monday, November 3, 2014

Manic Monday - 3 Nov 2014

My Monday today started off really really bad in the morning. I almost burnt down the kitchen while reheating some pizzas for the drama queen in the toaster, I kid you not!! It was the first time that I saw a mini inferno in the kitchen!! I shall write about this in my other blog when I have the time to. Because of all the cleaning up I had to do in the kitchen, I had totally forgotten to pack Alycia's lunch box, bummer! Have I told you that many times when I was with the drama queen or doing somefink for her, some really dramatic and unforgettable events happened? They were mostly hilarious and some were heart-stopping like the one that happened this morning. Pure coincidences I guess ha!

In the lift with Alycia just now, she announced to me that her class position has improved in her final exam! :) Her standard position has also climbed up a few notches but she is not happy at all! That's because she will now be transferred to the top elite class next year, when she starts Stardard 6. She is now in the 2nd elite class and feeling very comfortable there. In their school, there are 2 elite classes for each standard. She pleaded with me to write an appeal letter to the school principal to allow her to remain in the 2nd elite class next year. But what excuse am I to give?! Pray tell, what reasonable excuse I am to state in the letter? That my daughter is thankful that she has been promoted to the first elite class but she is not ready to accept it as she does not wish to be in the fierce competitive environment? Or just omit stating the reason and just thank the school for the 'promotion' but reject it? The girl has been bugging me non-stop for the appeal letter ever since she reached home but I am not typing it out just yet. I shall crank up the stove now to prepare an early dinner for everyone as the drama queen has to have dinner by 6pm. She has hip hop dance class at 7pm. And I am a tad glad that my stint as chief cook in the kitchen will officially end today. The mil will be back from Hong Kong tomorrow! :D
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