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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Our Wet Saturday - 8 November 2014

Today is a Saturday but it ain't any rest day for me. I got up at the same time at 4:45am.  Tomorrow the same thing will repeat.  So this week is strictly a  NO REST DAY for me.  Life's tough being a mum huh? On the bright side, I am looking forward to the year-end school holiday soon.  The kids will be having a 6-week long holiday in 2 weeks!  I can repay all my sleep debt during that period :D

Alycia has gone on a school trip today.  This trip is a treat for the school prefects.  Tomorrow will be Sherilyn's turn  to attend the treat trip for librarians and to the same places as the prefects will be visiting today.  As I am typing this post, I am feeling worried and thinking about Alycia and the entire entourage in the trip.  It has been drizzling non-stop since 7am today.  How are the kids going to enjoy their outdoor trip in such a wet weather?  Thankfully Alycia listened to me this time and has included a foldable umbrealla in her bag along with a cap and an extra change of shirt.  But still, how are the kids going to enjoy their time at a park and then adjourn to Farm In The City  in such unfavorable weather condition?  I can imagine that all the animals will be snoozing in their dens and coops and the kids would have to get wet walking round the farm with mud stained sneakers and jeans with nothing much exciting to do. Oh well, the kids will still have fun just being with each other at a new place, I hope!

Breakfast I made for the girls today, using my Blendtec blender -
Orange smoothie and avocado milk shake.

The avocado milk shake (this is REALLY smooth, rich and yummy!) is composed of half an avocado, orange smoothie, low fat fresh milk and a toss of chia seeds. I had meant to down the cup of avo milk shake all by myself but when Cass and Sherilyn tasted how good it was, my milk shake got taxed and I was left with only a quarter cup!
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