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Monday, February 16, 2015

Sherilyn's 10th Birthday

Today is my drama queen's birthday. It's her first 2-digit birthday!  I will never forget how loud she made her entrance into this world. What a cry baby she was crying and yelling non-stop as she took her first few breaths.   Yes even 10 years on, she is still loud and still very generous with her tears. She is full of expressions and indeed a drama queen. Even when she was a day old, she caused a tad of drama in the maternity ward when she bit off off a small nib of my teat!!  Can you imagine the pain she caused me?  I did not understand and still do not understand how a day-old baby without teeth could bite off a part of my teat! It was bloody and painful and now I can laugh about it though I was writhing in pain each time I nursed her back then.

Yesterday she celebrated her birthday with her 2 besties - Berlyn and Charlene.  Sherilyn's and Berlyn's birthdays are just a day apart.

While making her birthday wish during the cake-cutting session, the drama queen blurted out her wish!  Scroll down to see what she wished for OF ALL THE THINGS!

A puppy, awwwww!!  I love puppies too, especially a Golden Retriever pup but this is an impossible wish for now as we live in a condo.  Do continue to wish for this Sherilyn.  I do believe in the law of attraction.  What you yearn to have may come true one day when your daddy is rich enough to buy a landed house so that you and I and your 2 sisters can finally own our very own Golden Retriever pup :)

Happy birthday Sherilyn. Daddy and mummy love you very much and hope that you will grow up to be a very good person with good values and wisdom.  May God bless you with good health and many more happy birthdays   

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