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Friday, April 10, 2015

Cassandra Turns Seven!

We had a low-key celebration on Cassandra's 7th birthday yesterday. Since there was a short window of time for dinner (about an hour), we had dinner at our condo's Japanese restaurant.  Mandarin tution was at 7:30pm, so we had to have a real quickie.

Cass ordered all her favorite food - for once that was allowed :)

Our dinner at this Japanese will never to complete without ordering our favorite BBQ Japanese squid. How I love the chewy and flavorful tentacles of the squid, so yummy! Savouring on this dish is a surefire route to epicurean ecstasy for me and the girls. Yep, all 3 of them are lovers of the sotong too! :D

For the longest time, Cass has been bugging me for chewing gum. I have always told her that she is still too young for chewing gum. I told her that on her 7th birthday, she will get to eat chewing gum.
And so, a pack of chewing gum was her birthday present from her Alycia che che.

No other gift was better than a pack of  spearmint flavored chewing gum to make Cass so happy.  Like I said it before, the best things in life come cheap and free sometimes! :)

My baby girl was a very happy girl yesterday.  Her buddies in school gave her homemade birthday cards. One of her classmates bought her a bottle of Vitagen.

Today, Cass will be giving her besties each a chocolate muffin. Before she went to bed last night, she told me that she was very happy. Very happy that so many people wished her happy birthday. Granny and koong koong sent their wishes via voice recorded message on Whatsapp. Granny played a happy birthday song on a pianica and sent the video to her via Whatsapp. Her grandma called from Hong Kong to wish her. She was so happy that she got to eat chewing gum and sotong, LOL!.  And so happy that God is healing her bladder.  I am so confident that we can finish the race together and pass all 4 hurdles to achieve a 0-diaper status very soon! :)

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