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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Last Week Of May - Flashback

It's a Saturday and the first day of the 2-week long school holidays BUT I have been up from bed since 4:45am, bleh!!  Unlike most mothers with school-going kids who can finally catch up on their beauty sleep by sleeping in, I have to frigging continue my slavery for the next 1 week.  Alycia has to attend compulsory UPSR tuition in school for the entire week (full day!) and the transporter does not work during the school holiday, though we have to pay her in full!  Is that a norm??  Real holiday only starts for me in the second week of the school holidays.  How very pathetic eh?

Since I can't get back to bed, I must as well update my blogs.

Flashback of what transpired this week...

1) Went for a pap smear, Mammogram, ECG, cancer marker test and full medical test on Wednesday

2) Got a scare from the Mammogram result and went for Ultrasound scan the next day

3) Waiting for results to be out on blood and urine test - another appointment with gynae next week

4)  Cass tells me that J, the cute and cuddly boy in her class is liking her more by the day!  He is also being very protective of her and will defend her from evil classmates and will give her anything that she wants!  How sweet is that and I like J!!   But Cass hates him and finds him annoying.  Hmmm, sounds like a very familiar scene from my very own life story! :D

5) Alycia's class and standard positions are out for the first term test and I am very satisfied (position of  no. 3 in class).  But her latest  UPSR Diagnostic test results are not up to par though. She has to work harder now. She has not been working as hard as she used to last year coz her current teacher does not impose strict punishments like her teacher in the previous year.

6) Sherilyn announced that she wants to quit hip hop dance as she finds that  her teacher is not very motivated to teach new dance moves.  She finds that she is wasting her time attending lessons.  And then she tells me that she wants to learn ballet again -- and pick up from where she left, i.e. at Grade 3 but at a different dance center.  She tells me that there was a spoilt bully in her previous dance center who always picked on her (even kicked her several times and sadly, I know the girl's mother but just don't know how to tell this girl's mother about the bullying).   Monday was her last hip hop dance lesson.

7)  Remember my earlier post on the saga of the nestlings in a nest at my parents' house in Ipoh?  This week, the nestlings learned to fly and one by one, they flew off and now, my mum is getting the empty nest syndrome as she misses the birds chirping and squawking :)

This is the last baby bird to leave the nest...

Below pic - the empty nest
My mum told me that she misses the noisy parent birds beckoning their young to leave the nest, or sometimes 'scolding' her for being too close to the nest snapping photos.   The peace and tranquility are almost unbearable to my mum now :D  But fret not mummy, we will be back next week to invade your serenity and peace!!  The girls will be back with their nonsense, shenanigan and Cass will tug at your skirt calling you "granny, granny" non-stop till you get your dizzy spells again (I hope not please!!)  :D

And finally, thank God May will end soon.  The month of May has hardly ever been kind to me for as long as I can remember.  Good riddance May.  May you come back next May to be nicer to me! :)

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