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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Order Your Groceries Online From Happy Fresh

I received a surprise today!

The guard intercomed me this afternoon to inform me that I have a parcel from the courier delivery guy.  I told the guard that I ain't expecting any parcel today but he insisted that I have a parcel. Hmmm, who could the parcel be from?!  I love receiving surprises! :)

Door bell rang...

I opened the door and I saw the delivery guy in bright green  Happy Fresh uniform greeting me with a cheerful smile.  Aha, then I remembered that yesterday I had placed an online order at Happy Fresh but I really did not expect the delivery to be so punctual!  I totally forgot about my order.

Thank you so much Happy Fresh for the RM30 voucher for me to test the Happy Fresh app!  I am very satisfied with the whole experience as well as with the products received.

Downloading the Happy Fresh app into my Samsung mobile phone was a breeze and very fast. I downloaded the app from my desktop computer.  Next, I shopped for my groceries. During checkout, I keyed in  my preferred date and time of delivery and my discount voucher code and received an online order confirmation, as below...

With a complimentary RM30 to spend, thanks to Happy Fresh, I chose 3 items that I needed, which are a bottle of organic soy sauce, pesticide-free tomatoes and dental floss.

The tomatoes were plump and fresh.  The groceries came in a very huge bright green recyclable Happy Fresh bag.  Yes, I am indeed one very happy mummy today as I received my free groceries and those are the things that I had run out and wanted to replenish :D

Happy Fresh is an excellent app for busy parents and singles alike who just cannot find the time to make a trip to the supermarket to get essential items. The range of groceries and toiletries is wide.   And the delivery is punctual.  You can do your shopping anywhere (just find a place with free WiFi if your android phone does not have WiFi) and it won't take you more than 15 minutes, depending on the quantity of items that you want to shop for.   Do give this app a try and I am pretty sure you'll be HAPPY just like I am, with Happy Fresh!

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