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Monday, July 20, 2015

Izumio To Fight off 'Heatiness'

The past 2 weeks have been very eventful for the girls and me.

First up was the arrival of my SILs and their kids from all over the world to have a mega reunion in KL.  There was so much fun for the kids and so many parties at home!

Next was the girls' mid-year exam. It was hard for the kids to concentrate studying with so much fun around them. Nevertheless, they made it!  So long as I don't place too high an expectation on them, they are happy and so am I.  I can loosen up my expectation once in a while.  Mega reunions like this one do not happen every year and I am glad that my kids had a great time bonding with their cousins and aunts.

The past 2 weeks has also been a very, very sinful 2 weeks for everyone.  We  indulged in different guilty pleasures from Musang King durian to Nyonya kuih, curry, fried kway teow, yau char kwai (Malaysia's version of fried Churro), Indian Rojak, bakuteh, pizzas (for the kids) and snacks almost everyday.

I was really worried that with so much heaty stuff and lack of sleep, the kids and I would succumb to throat infection and inflamed tonsils.  But we didn't, thanks to Izumio and Super Lutein. On days when we helped ourselves to excessive heaty food, we drank a little more Izumio.  One morning some time last week, I woke up to a throat that was on the verge of getting sore and inflamed. I went to the bathroom and spat up a glob of yellowish mucous.  I thought that I wasn't going to be spared by the strep throat virus. I drank an extra packet of Izumio and popped 2 extra caps of Super Lutein.  The next day, I was feeling fine and dandy again!

I am so glad that my kids and I can now indulge in heaty food without getting a throat infection anymore.  Though Izumio and Super Lutein are very expensive, they are worth every single sen.  The money I save on visits to the hospital and on expensive supplements are now invested on the products. It is one of the wisest choices I have made. If you are interested to get a box or two of Izumio or Super Lutein to try, you can buzz me at my email at shireenyong@gmail.com.

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