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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Conversation With Cass

Conversation with Cass yesterday, 12 August 2015...

Cass - mummy look, Chen laoshi gave me this coin box!

Me- oh why?

Cass - I got 'ti it min'! (first place in Mandarin)

Me - first in class for your  position?  *feeling hopeful* :D

Cass - no, first place for bringing the most newspapers to school

The girls' school has an ongoing project for selling old newspapers to raise funds for the school.

Cass - but I have so many piggy banks. What should I do with it huh?

Me - you can give it to your good friends.

Cass - but I like it.  I want to....

Me - you want to keep it as remembrance right?

Cass - you are right mummy!  You just TOOK THE WORDS OUT OF MY MOUTH!

Me - wow, that was a very articulate sentence. Who taught you to say that?

Cass - I learned it from the TV

Me - Oh!

So the idiot box ain't a total idiot!  We parents just have to monitor our kids' screen time and filter what they watch to reap the benefits out of the TV.

Cass at 7 years 4 months

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