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Monday, October 5, 2015

Want Healthy Teeth? Use These Tips to Help

You want to have healthy teeth and you want to keep them for as long as you can, right? If you’re like most people you never want to have to think about dental implants or dentures in your later years.

While technology is getting a lot better in dental care, a lot of the responsibility still falls on you when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Use these tips to help you keep your teeth as healthy as possible without really changing your routine much at all.

Carry Dental Floss
Carrying dental floss around with you might seem a little crazy, but it’s something that can really be beneficial for adults. Some dentists will even tell you that if they were forced to pick between brushing and flossing they’d pick flossing. That’s how important it is!

To keep your teeth clean and healthy, keep a spool of dental floss in your desk at work, in your bag or in your car. You can floss almost anywhere, and even doing a quick floss at your desk is better than skipping the floss altogether. 

Once you get in the habit of flossing after each meal you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Chew Gum
Many dentists hesitate to recommend chewing gum as something that’s good for your teeth because it causes people to skip the floss and toothbrush and pop a piece of gum instead. While chewing gum can’t replace your dental floss or toothbrush, it can help you from getting cavities and damaging your teeth when you’re simply unable to brush or floss for a little while.

What you’re looking for is sugar free gum with the ingredient xylitol, which is found in many toothpastes and mouthwashes. It will help clean your teeth a little bit and prevent acids from damaging your enamel quite so much.

Go to the Dentist
Making an appointment with your dentist every six months probably isn’t something you look forward to. However, you probably do enjoy the feeling of having clean teeth and knowing that your mouth is healthy and in good shape, right?

By visiting a Brooklyn NY dentist every six months you’ll make sure that they can catch any problems that are starting before they cause you pain and a lot of money. You’ll also have better looking teeth through your life without expensive cosmetic procedures if you get regular cleanings. 

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