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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hainanese Style Pan-Fried Chicken Fillet

My simple, no-frills and easy to whip up dinner dished out several nights ago :)

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Hainanese style pan-fried chicken fillet cooked with big onions and canned green peas.

The portion in the glassware is for lunch the next day.
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Stir-fried celery with left-over roast pork and lots of garlic.

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1.  Chicken - you can use any part of the chicken you fancy. I use chicken boobies as they are the healthiest part of the chicken :)
2.  Marinate chicken with Lea & Perrin sauce, soy sauce, pepper and some preservative-free  Kikkoman Terriyaki sauce
3.  Big onions - I used 1 whole onion
4.  Minced garlic
5.  1 small can of green peas.

1.  Pan-fry chicken fillet in non-stick skillet.  Keep the marinate sauce for use later.
2.  When chicken fillet turns golden brown, sweep them aside the wok or dish them out.  Sautee the big onions and garlic until fragrant
3.  Add can of green peas, without the water in the can
4.  Add in marinate sauce and saute till the sauce bubbles.
5.  Mix the chicken fillet with the sauce and green peas well and dish out
6. Decorate with cucumbers, tomatoes and whatever herbs you have

This is one of the dishes that my papa can cook really well. His Hainanese green peas chicken chop is the best.

Happy trying and I am sure your family will love this dish as much as we do :)

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