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Saturday, November 28, 2015

No Eye See!

Cass is bored to the core today.

Today is Yamaha's holiday, so there's no piano class in the evening.

She bugged me to let her use my nail polish but I said NO.  When I was busy trying to salvage my photos, this opportunist quietly sneaked out my nail polish and had a great time with her side-kick, her 2che.  I was just too busy to see what a mess she's done to her nails. NO EYE SEE!!!  I only wanted to see the pictures restored in my blogs!

I only wanted to find a way for my pictures to appear in my blogs again and left the girls to be mischievous today.  Thank you very much Google Plus!! You changed your settings and did not even ask us if we're OK to the changes. Now, my latest  pictures don't appear in my blogs anymore. I spent 2 days grilling my brain trying to find a solution and tried half a dozen of solutions and finally came to one.  Now my pictures are hosted on Facebook, in an ANONYMOUS account haha!

Facebook, don't you dare change your settings again. I am counting on you for my pictures to appear in my blogs!!

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