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Friday, January 15, 2016

'Surfing' In The MTR In Hong Kong

When we were in Hong Kong for a holiday last December, we relied on public transportation quite a bit to bring us around.    My sil stays at a very strategic location where the bus stop is right outside her apartment. We call the bus driver our 'private driver'.  With just 1 bus ride and a walk to the MTR station, we would be in Disneyland already.   We walked a lot and it helped that the weather was very conducive.  When it's cold, you won't feel tired walking miles. I didn't feel tired at all though we walked A LOT.   Despite me eating like a pig and not exercising throughout our 1-week holiday in Hong Kong, I did not gain an ounce of weight, thanks to all the walking! :D    Bliss!!

Inside the moving MTR, the kids would pretend to be 'surfing' to balance themselves from falling.  Of course they were the only ones doing it and we got stares!

But who cares, right?  :P

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