Health Freak Mommy: Sunday Lazy Meals - 13 March 2016


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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sunday Lazy Meals - 13 March 2016

When I was recovering from Influenza last weekend, I had  zilch appetite.  I was actually getting better last Saturday but after tucking into some rich, heaty and oily Italian food at a Lego launch where bloggers were invited, I got home feeling a hundred times worse.   I felt like the cactus in my throat had grown a million times thornier after the event. I felt really sick. I did not feel like talking that evening coz I yakked a lot at the event and I partially lost my voice after the event.

After downing many packets of Izumio and popping over 6 Super Lutein on Saturday, I felt much better on Sunday. The headache, eye ball ache and body ache were gone.  But I still did not feel like eating anything. I still did not feel like myself yet.  And the sweltering El Nino heat made things worse.

I only felt like eating cold semi-sold food. So I kept whacking my favorite skinny sugar-free yoghurt and Haagen Dazs ice-cream!

Drama Queen made some toasties with Food For Friends cheddar cheese and avocado and I had half a slice.
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Lunch was at our favorite friendly neighborhood restaurant. I told the lady boss what I wanted and she whipped up my favorite fish slice vermicelli with spinach with reduced salt and oil.  That bowl of noodles was such a comfort!

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After lunch, the foodie hubs dragged us to LDG Cafe.  While he enjoyed his cuppa latte, we enjoyed some desserts -- Creme Brulee...

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and some French chocolate dessert.

Image may contain: food

After clocking in 9 hours of sleep per night for 5 nights straight, I am finally myself again.  Sleep is one of the most important ingredients for our body to recover, without which, it will take a long time to heal.  Of course, you need good nutrition and a good supplement for your body to function optimally.  I am glad that I have my Izumio and Super Lutein to give me the peace of mind in good and bad times :)

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