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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Capsicum Slices With Herbs & Spices Cheese Dip

Today Cass and I shared a portion of takeout bitter gourd vermicelli with minced meat. Alycia and Sherilyn had to stay back in school.

On most days, I will wait for Cass and Sherilyn to be back from school to have a late lunch with them at around 2:15pm. At around noon, I will have something light to stave off hunger. Most of the time,  I will snack on  salad, nuts, sugar-free yoghurt or some fruits.

Today, my salad of the day is sliced sweet capsicum with Arla herbs and spices fresh cheese.  I used green and purple capsicums.

Image may contain: food

Tomorrow I am going to the supermarket to stock up my supply of capsicums. I am currently hooked on capsicums! :)

Did you know that capsicums also come in purple, brown and white color?  I'll bet you didn't know that eh?  I saw the white variety at the supermarket for the first time in my life today.

Below - white capsicum

Below - chocolate brown capsicum

Below - purple capsicum

Check out the amazing health benefits of capsicum in my other blog.

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