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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Teacher's Day 2016

Teacher's Day celebration will be held next week at Cass and Sherilyn's school.

Tomorrow I will pop by school to pass the presents to their teachers and at the same time to pass the cash for second semester books to the teachers. (That's over RM500 gone in a flash in just a day and I shudder to think how much Alycia's imported books would cost!)  I think the teachers will  appreciate it too that they receive gifts earlier rather than on the day of the celebration as they will be receiving too many gifts on the actual day. I doubt they remember who gives what to them.  I remember the mountainous gifts that my mum received during Teacher's Day each year when she was a teacher decades ago.  My brothers and I would have a jolly few hours unwrapping all her gifts.  Such sweet childhood memories :)

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This year I bought the teachers green tea and crunchy dark chocolate muesli. Cass and Sherilyn wrapped the gifts up themselves, saving me all the work and time :)

Happy teacher's day to all the teachers out there!  You certainly deserve lots of gifts and appreciation. It's not easy to be a teacher and I don't think I can ever be one.

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