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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thursday Lunch - 12 May 2016

I had a pretty heavy brunch loaded with calories, cholesterol and carbs on Thursday.

While our girls were in school, hubs, the mil and I tucked into some gravely sinful and toothsome Indian morsel! :D

The hubs ordered nasi briyani with added mutton curry, veggies and fish curry.  The plate of nasi briyani was humongous and cost a whopping RM12 for the rice, mutton and veggie.  The three of us shared this plate of rice.  I further added a tosai rawa, which is my absolute favorite.  Tosai rawa is a healthier alternative to roti canai.  It is light and not starchy and heavy unlike its counterpart.  I like the cumin seeds, mustard seeds, onions, carrots, curry leaves and coriander leaves thrown into the batter, which make the tosai bursting with  natural flavors.  The tosai rawa is served with healthy dippings of coconut chutney, onion chutney and dhal.

I also bought a pack of nasi briyani with hard boiled egg and chicken for Cass and Sherilyn to share for lunch.

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For lunch, I had something really light and easy on my tummy.  I had salad composed of one raw green capsicum, pineapple, hard boiled egg, cucumber and pumpkin seeds.

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I can never get sick of Indian cuisine.  Our girls love it too. They are fans of spicy food.  However, I will only have it for lunch or breakfast and then go meatless and vegetarian for the rest of the day. It's all about having a balanced diet and not busting your calorie, carbs and fat quota / intake for each day. This way, you can eat anything and everything your heart desires :)

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