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Sunday, June 12, 2016

School Holiday Activity - Making Waffles and Pancakes

This school holiday, the girls have been helping out in the kitchen quite a bit.  They watched how grandma make savoury glutinous rice dumplings (bak chang), helped with making  Chinese dumplings (kau ji) and volunteered to make waffles and pancakes.

For waffles and pancakes, it is the eldest princess who has been bugging me to make them.

Why do I call her a princess?

She does not like any work related to the kitchen and won't even wash her own cup had I not been reprimanding her all the time.  She will always try to find ways to get away with wetting and dirtying her ROYAL HANDS!  She has to thank God for the drama queen for willingly accepting the hardest and most hated chore of all - dish washing. I thank God for my drama queen too for helping me out with this chore that I hate the most.

Since the princess is the one who has been pestering me for months to make waffles and pancakes, I delegated this project to her.  Thankfully she has her 2 side kicks who are always very supportive of her.  Her 2 loyal sisters helped her to google for recipes and to mix the batter. They know their princess sister will fail out right with getting the batter ready, ha!

Below - the girls measuring the ingredients for waffle.

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When the batter was ready, we discovered some cracks on the waffle maker, DANG IT!  Cracks on any cooking equipment, plates and cups are a big NO NO.  Bacteria may harbour inside the cracks and as for electrical equipment, electric may stray and we may get electrocuted.

What a bummer!

With the waffle batter, we had to cook it on the pan on stove, turning it into waffle pancake!  And it was yummy, though not as crispy as waffles.

Below - firing on all stoves.  The girls used 2 stoves to flip their waffles and pancakes.

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Before the waffle pancakes even touched the plate, they were all walloped by the girls and moi!  We ate them straight from the pan!  But I wasn't worried too much of us getting heaty as I have my Izumio hydrogen water  to zap away the heatiness :D

By the time the last waffle pancake was being flipped on the pan, the girls realized that they could not get enough of them. They wanted more!  So they googled for a pancake recipe as pancake batter does not need fermenting.  I left it all to them to kau tim and only helped with checking on the doneness of the pancake and making sure that the littlest one does not get into trouble in the kitchen.

After 2 hours of sweating buckets in the hot kitchen, we made enough waffle pancakes, banana pancakes and plain pancakes for dinner for everyone, including our dear part-time helper.

Below - pancakes with sliced bananas served with maple syrup and blueberry and cream Haagen Dazs ice-cream.  This is Sherilyn's creation.  I think she's got a lot of talent to excel and soar in the kitchen.  With her outgoing, brash and bubbly personality, she may even make it to the status of celebrity chef one day, ahem!  *syiok sendiri only*  :D :D

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