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Friday, July 8, 2016

Brand New Swatch Watch For Drama Queen

Drama Queen's Swatch watch has been acting up strangely lately.  I brought it to the Swatch watch shop at Mid Valley Megamall yesterday to have it fixed and what do we know?

We were in for a surprise!!

As her watch is still under the 2-year warranty, she got a brand new replacement watch that looks similar to the old one!!

Had we gone to the Swatch watch shop just a month later, we would have missed the warranty as the warranty is expiring next month.

Below - drama queen choosing her brand new replacement Swatch watch.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Caveat - a replacement watch would NOT be given IF the glass of the watch is shattered.  Drama Queen is REALLY lucky that despite dropping her watch several times, the glass of her watch wasn't shattered. Nothing else was broken, except that the watch acted strangely.

Drama Queen is one very lucky girl to have received a brand new Swatch watch to replace her faulty one.  Princess Alycia was green with envy and wished that her Swatch watch would die on her too so that she gets a new one!  She has one more month to wish for it stop short so that she gets a brand new Swatch watch as replacement. Grandma bought them each a Swatch watch 2 years ago.

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