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Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Flexitarian's Lunch

My laziest yet healthiest lunch ever - steamed Japanese sweet potatoes, thinly sliced cool and crunchy green bell peppers and cool kyuri.

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While Drama Queen and Cass had pork bolognese penne pasta that I cooked for dinner the previous night, I had an almost fat-free, low calorie, zero oil all natural lunch.

Satisfied to the max as it was guilt-free, food additives-free, process-free and meat-free, just my kind of meal, for a flexitarian.

Later in the afternoon, the hubs surprised me with my favorite fruit - Musang King and Red Prawn durian!!

Sei lor, fei sei lor!!  And my cholesterol!!

But since the durian season only comes 2-3 times in a year, what the heck!  Just wallop and suffer later.  The next morning, I swam an extra 2 laps in the pool, making it to 28 laps.  After a shower, I had durian for breakfast! That night, I did 50 bicycle crunches on the bed before I dare hit the sack.

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For my readers living abroad and craving for some durians, nah, my treat to you -- close up pix of my Musang King and Red Prawn durian ;)  They are totally to die for.

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